Shopping as a Mum

I decided to go shopping one day, Nandy however had other ideas… 🙄
After snoring 💤 in the car the whole way there he decided it was fair game to commence screaming to an ear bleeding level as soon as the pram wheels touched the floor in Next (other high street stores are available!) 😠
Cue me having to push the pushchair with my left hand (dodging grannies 👵🏼 and shop stands) whilst cuddling him in my right arm as he insisted on being only held the whole time – super 💪🏼
Every lift / every shop and every walkway we had “the look” 👀 from other shoppers…. The one that says “oh dear what a little shit! glad he’s not my son” kinda look.
If they didn’t give “the look” we must have been asked upwards of 50 times “ahhhh – how old?” 🔞 “6 weeks….” I find myself saying over and over! Therefore, I decided I want a sign made and plan to hang it around his neck that says “I am 6 weeks old” now jog on… 🆗


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