Birthdays as a Mum

So Septembee 19th 2016 was my first birthday as a mum and well, It was different…

1. Dressing up on my birthday now involves wearing heels and brushing my hair…. applying makeup and having sick free clothing was a bonus too 👠💄
2. Trying to load prams and car seats into the car whilst screaming ensued made me reconsider my choice to depart the house and wondered why I didn’t just have tea and cake in the lounge instead 🚗
3. He sensed that the luxurious location where we had afternoon tea was too posh for a baby changing room so decided to have multiple poonamis for effect 💩💩 as he knew I had to use the antique table in the bathroom to change it and that would be funny to potentially pee on 💦.
4. I wanted a gallon of gin but instead was treated to an orange AND lemonade! I know how rock and roll


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