Mum Bod

So it’s week 12, ideally I would have hoped to have lost more weight by now but I can’t say that because of a few reasons.

I shall begin:-

A) since having a baby I have the body of a pensioner. My lower back aches from hoisting this chunk of a baby around which makes the thought of physical exercise painful..!
B) My diet hasn’t exactly been what is was used to! Before baby my diet would consist of kale smoothies for breakfast followed by chia seed pudding and perhaps a tuna salad. Now a balanced diet consists of an apple followed by a packet of crisps and a handful of mini mars bars!


Above:- (This was how I looked before having a baby! )

C) Time – ok so I’ve reinstated my gym membership, this is a good start but then you actually have to go! To go you actually need time. With breastfeeding it’s hard to remove yourself from your babies grasp for long enough to go and wee let alone do a spin class!
D) The “I’m breastfeeding” excuse – so I’m consuming 1000 added calories (refer to B above) and only using an additional 200 calories a day to feed him. The Maths doesn’t work out here…. = hello fatty!

With above in mind I think the weight loss is going to be somewhat slower than I anticipated ..

I’ve even contemplated joining slimming world which is something I’ve never done before!





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