I must stress that before getting pregnant I was a huge shopaholic- always buying new clothes. I now buy myself nothing and all my money goes on kitting Nandy out with some super cool stuff from instagram!

I feel before I share with you my Instagram favourites the need to describe how i came to find these gems! I used to have a strong presence on social media and when I became pregnant I stumbled upon a few instamum pages – following that I made the decision to start posting about all things mum too!

To begin with I posted baby updates on my personal page – the lighting was poor and my page had no vision. It was then that I decided to create the_life_of_nandy. One place which I could spam all I wanted about Max!

Little did I realise that I would make some amazing insta friends along the way. I’m still learning how to take a good photo and edit them, we are also loving our time repping for some amazing brands a few out our favourites are:


@Ldwyerfashion – Get 10% off using code NANDY10 at checkout!




Head over to Instagram and give them a follow!!


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