When we found out we were expecting we decided we were oblivious to babies and needed some guidance. I googled ante natal classes and found NCT.

We booked on a class local to where we live, it was spring 16 and getting closer and closer to D-day!

Session 1 – there was a group of 16 in total, 8 other women expecting babies and their birthing partners. It was run by a lovely lady called Janine (or Janice as I kept calling her!) we had to break the ice and introduce ourselves, mart as usual embarrassed me with his intro but at least he made light of a tense moment.

As the sessions progressed we got to know each other, eating lunch in the playground of the childrens nursery the sun shone and it was too beautiful to be sitting inside all day on a Saturday discussing stages of labour!

It was amazing how everyone had different expectations for the birth of their baby. Some wanted home births, others C sections and me – as little intervention as possible. None of us knew when our babies would be making an appearance. It was all so exciting.

Once the sessions ended we created a group whatsapp the boys used it as an excuse to go for beer and the girls a chance to meet for lunch and talk all things pregnancy!

Slowly one by one each of us started having our babies – except me. Being one of the last in the group it was hard – it was July and hot, I was like a waddling whale and jealous of these mums who had gotten it over with!

Fast forward a few months and the babies are all here. Hardly anyone’s birth plan went as we had hoped! There were 3 C sections – planned and emergency, 1 foreceps. 4 natural deliveries some of which were induced! I think we all sampled the delights of the drugs on offer.

This group of ladies has certainly been there over the nights when things are tough with an ear and offer of support. We still all meet for coffee now, we go to the same sensory classes and I know I could not have done what I have done without them around.

I’m really going to miss them all when we start going back to work


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