Nandy has been teething for a while now, as yet I haven’t felt or seen a tooth. We’ve struggled to find teething products to help him but we are starting to find our feet.


We have tried a number of gels and powders but we’ve found the best to be of gel variety. Bonjela teething gel and ambesol didn’t work for us and as you have to leave them a few hours before reapplying we didn’t find them useful.The best gel for us was “dentinox” and we use it daily!

We also tried the Nelsons teething powders but found they had little effect.


By far the best is Sophie the giraffe – Max uses Sophie all the time and it’s easy to keep clean and wash.

We have also a lot of teething rings and chew toys from Nuby – Nuby stock a huge range of teething equipment – We have beads, taggies and rings all of which are brightly coloured and of varying materials to keep him interested.


Sophie the giraffe is our current favourite


We have some teething bangles and necklaces but due to his age these are only suitable for Max when he is being held by me and under supervision.


Teething Necklace available from Ruby & Moo


Nuby recently sent us a bib to test with a really useful teething triangle at the end of the bib for max to chew on. The bibs are brightly coloured and fun, safe to say they were a complete hit!


All smiles in his teething bib from Nuby


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