Finger Foods

It’s month 6, the books say its time for food, but is Nandy ready? To begin with we attended our local children’s centre for some baby led weaning information. All seemed fairly straight forward – give you baby what you eat, to play with, not eat, and DO NOT puree…


Right ok, so there’s the first hurdle, I had the night previous pureed 50 odd ice cubes worth of butternut squash, broccoli, sweet potato and carrot! Now they tell me.

I started by giving Max some sticks of vegetable and fruit, adding in some toasted bread, he seems to know to take it to his mouth, but is unaware of the need to chew and swallow it.

Running out of ideas – so after two weeks of what seems like the same food day in day out, you can imagine my excitement when a lovely package from Organix turned up!

Inside the package was a variety of yummy treats such as their no junk baby rice and carrot sticks to name a few.

Organix have a no junk policy so I knew that I would be giving Nandy only organic and pure products.


Organix sent us their products to test and all opinions stated are my own, I wouldn’t write about a product if we had no genuine love for it.



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