Practical Weaning

Any other mums finding it hard to wean baby onto food when you have OCD and hate mess?

It seems to go against the baby led weaning rules of “let them play with food to learn” when you’re constantly wiping their face and hands to keep their clothes from getting dirty!

Thank goodness for Nuby I say!

They sent us the most genius cover up Catch all bib to use this week and I am so grateful of it, so much so that I plan to order a fair few more!

The bib can be wiped clean with the damp cloth, so if you are like me, and feeding your baby 3 meals a day (be it purees, or baby led finger foods) this is ideal.

Nandy eats porridge each morning now and previously we had a supermarket branded apron which was made of cotton, the porridge got stuck to the fabric and had to be washed immediately after. Im not sure of many mums that want to be putting the washing machine on after every meal?!

I cannot recommend this bib enough, thankyou once again Nuby for being so awesome!

NOTE: Nuby sent us this bib to use and I would not geniunely write a positive review about a product if I did not geniunely believe in it.


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