5 ways to encourage decent baby sleep

So we’ve all been there, your new bundle of joy won’t stop screaming at you. It’s night 5 and you’ve had zero sleep. The only thing that seems to work is constant cradling and feeding. I do assure you that there is a light at the end of that dark dark tunnel. Below I give a few examples of great items which have helped us improve our sleep journey with a newborn!

1. Invest in a co-sleeper!

We decided a Moses basket wasn’t for us and invested in a Cosleeper from chicco. This next to me bed was classy in terms of style and matched our decor perfectly but also acted as a safe and comfortable bed for our newborn to snooze in. Because I was breastfeeding the cosleeper enabled me to nurse and then simply gently place Nandy back into his cot next to me without leaving the bed.

2. Invest in a cocoonababy

So after the above we soon came to realise that Nandy was a reflux baby and therefore kept waking himself up with the Moro reflex everytime he struggled with being flat on his back due to reflux. A friend of ours kindly lent us their cocoonababy and my god it was a lifesaver! I would seriously without doubt recommend anyone with a baby invest in one. They aren’t cheap to buy; but in my opinion well worth every penny!

3. Invest in a grobag.

When I purchased a grobag for Nandy before he was born it resulted in an argument with my husband about why – he said there was no fact behind their statement that it helped reduced SIDS. He thought I was buying one because it was trendy rather than practical. Fast forward 6 months and my husband is the first person in the queue when it comes to these and we now own 5!

Top tip – buy a multipack as the baby is bound to poonami and whilst one is washing the other can be used!

4. Invest in a Dream Sheep.

Ok so I would be the first person to admit that I nicknamed this thing “Ewan the scream sheep” initially as it didn’t seem to help settle Nandy off. Tip: persist!

Now Nandy is 7 months old he actually stares at the dream sheep each night and lovingly touches it before drifting back off into a slumber.

He’s become so used to it now that we couldn’t do without it!

5. Invest in decent nappies

Theres nothing worse than having a sleeping baby who is half asleep / half crying who has overspilled their nappy! I’ve found since we’ve been leaving Nandy in his nappy as long as possible in the night he sleeps better. Pampers extra dry plus have helped keep any wetness away from his skin!


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