5 ways to achieve a Baby / You Balance

I’ve made friends with a few Mummy friends since having Max and one of the most important things I’ve come to realise about being a Mummy is the need to take some time out!

So what does a typical day look like for me and what do I do to relax and unwind?

Ok so the initial few months of motherhood went by in a blur of constant breastfeeding and shhshhing but now I can see some clear light pathing the way for me.

1. Join the gym / do some excerise

I was an avid gym goer before I fell pregnant and put on a lot of weight during pregnancy which has left me feeling rather crappy, I therefore decided it was time to start getting my fitness back. Ive run a few times and gone to a few spin classes, all of which has left me feeling re- energised and better about myself.

2. Buy yourself something nice

I’m the first to admit I spend 99% of my money on Nandy now and spend little on myself. The other week I treated myself to some new makeup / creams and a pair of jeans – all of which made me feel loads better.

3. Spend time with friends

Recently I’ve been expressing bottles of milk so that I can have a few hours out with friends. I’ve been for a nice meal, to the cinema, out for a drink and shopping. All of which made me feel less “mumsy” and gave me a few hours of non-baby talk.

4. Eat dinner with your other half when baby is in bed / have a date night 

Lately we’ve been putting the baby down early and then leaving time for us to enjoy dinner together so we can talk discuss work / how our days have been.

We also went on a date night to eat nice food and watch a comedy show which gave us much needed relaxation.

5. Get a hobby!

You might be thinking I’m mad but a hobby will give you that down time you need from baby – I’ve recently started reading home improvement books and learning  how to crochet. As boring as that sounds it enables me to switch my brain off from baby for 30 mins!

I hope you’ve found this article informative!






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