Mum / Wife / Dogsbody

Yesterday – it was an uber productive day!! Mum came over to watch Nandy so I could get stuff done – I started with the cooker – the gas rings on the rangemaster had turned from shiny silver to grease stained brown, I scrubbed it until it gleaned once more!!

Next on the hit list was the stack of leaves outside – I swept them all up and binned them = happy me.

I then proceeded to make beds / Hoover / put clean washing away / tidy / clean toilets and wash up (after 3 baby led weaning meal times had destroyed my kitchen).

Next on the to do list was to take Nandy to see the doctor about his eczema – I went through the upset of being told his skin is infected and we needed yet more creams, so off I went to collect another prescription from the pharmacy.

Did I mention I hadn’t even found the time to pee at this point?

I even cooked hubby his favourite a Moroccan steak for tea, he walks through the door to a spotless house a happy baby and his dinner cooking … I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, cue hubby tutting and huffing at the fact that I had failed to empty the nappy bin is what went wrong!


The offensive nappy bin and pile of washing

It was like he had flicked a “crazy” button on the side of my head and I just went into meltdown. A huge row ensued and both of us didn’t speak a word to each other for the rest of the evening!

My point of view :- why do they always pick fault with the one thing you haven’t done rather than focus on the 15 you have done that day?

I scrubbed the gas rings on the cooker and he picks fault at a nappy bin???

Somedays we just want to be told how amazing we are and that we have super powers and we are perfect don’t we??


Anyone else feel like a general dogsbody / mum / wife / knackered person? 


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