Kiddylicious Snack Review

When Tesco Mother and Baby contacted us and asked us to review a range of the Kiddylicious snacks we just couldn’t refuse!

We were sent the “Ha Pea snaps”, Wafers and Fruit Puffs to try.

We had previously purchased the wafers for Nandy and can safely say they were already a massive hit with us. We hadn’t, however, tested the fruit puffs or ha pea snaps before!


I tried Nandy on the strawberry and banana flavoured puffs first – I used his Nuby non slip plate in order to hold the two types and prevent them from going all over the floor!


Within a matter of minutes he was wildly stuffing multiple snacks into his mouth… I always said I didnt want Nandy to have any treats or snack food, but when you see how much they enjoy it, you cant help but allow it.


These snacks are perfect for when you are on the go and need to keep them quiet for a few minutes! We went for a walk at the park and I took a bag out with me, they are truly epic.

Since posting the update on instagram Ive had alot of fellow mums comment about how much they love these snacks for their little ones too, perhaps even enjoying some for themselves cheekily!

If you intend to do baby led weaning or puree the food these are still perfect because they appear to melt when they are soggy! I didnt worry about any choking hazards (he still has no teeth!).

Do you have any ‘go to’ snacks? If so, let me know about them by leaving me a comment below!


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