5 things you miss when you have baby

So I’ve read a fair few posts about “things I’d tell my pre baby self” but I thought I’d have a go at writing my version.

5 things you miss doing / having when you have a baby …

1. Washing our the sugar jar when it gets crusty and full of sugar clumps. Yep that’s right folks, when the drops of tea have made the sugar stick into clumps at the bottom of the jar and when you come to refill the jar you just simply disguise the clumps with a pile of new sugar until 5 months goes by and you realise your pre-baby self would have hot boiled that jar between refills and now your life is one big cover up.

2. Food shopping and browsing the aisles for nice new foods to try. Today I went to Sainsbos baby free for the first time in 8 months. It was eye opening! I spent £120 (double the usual) because my friend – I had time to browse. I bought rib eye steak and a selection of wine. It was epic. I had no pram to push round (balancing a basket in the other hand) I could push the trolley with both hands and not face the wraith of a baby hurling snacks across the floor or screaming at me out of boredom.

3. Baths. I was a bath person. Hit me up with all the bubbles and oils and lass grenades – I was all over a candle lit bath. Until Nandy made an appearance. Now before you go thinking I’m some smelly minger – I do shower now, the quickest shower of my life – because Nandy doesn’t seem to appreciate that Mummy can’t go out with oil slick hair and smelly armpits, so he screams blue murder and I end up having to shout “it’s OK, Mummy will be back in a second” from out the cubicle. Hoping teletubbies or Mr Tumble would have entertained him long enough to enable me to shave my legs – but clearly not!

4. Dreams – now I’m not going to say you should appreciate sleep because you’ll miss it. You actually miss dreaming. Having a deep enough sleep to actually allow yourself to have a dream. I can’t remember the last time I slept deeply enough to dream!

5. Wearing Nice Underwear and a nice pair of heels. Both these things have disappeared from my life as if by magic. I was always an avid wearer of heels sans baby – but now, forget it. I feel imbalanced and out of control in even the slightest heel nowadays! Fling me some flats as it’s all about comfort. On the subject of comfort – the bras – easy to unclip and boring. Nursing bras are not sexy and they are not fashionable. My lacy cutesy bra wearing days are totally over.

What do you miss most? Leave me a comment




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