Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast 

Nandy may only be 9 months old but we love to get out and about and explore – we shouldn’t be afraid of letting him explore his surroundings through fear of the odd cut or scrape!

We were kindly sent some Elastoplast children’s plasters to use if (and when!) Nandy has any little “boo boo’s” or “mishaps” or “scrapes” – however you want to name those minor accidents that can occur at any time with little ones who are on the move or being adventurous!

We love to get out and about and take photos in the most unusal of places, any slip or fall could result in some tears!

Sitting in an old rusty wagon!

Elastoplast plasters

So, when your little one scrapes their knee for the first time or cuts their finger it can be concerning how to turn their tears into smiles right?

Well, for a start the designs on the Elastoplast plasters are fun and they represent popular media such as Star Wars and frozen, which can both be enjoyed by boys and girls – that will immediately make their tears fade into a smile when they realise!

As well as being fun, the Elastoplast plasters come in a range of sizes to cover any of those mishaps and fun enough to distract away from the situation and allow them to get back onto play time!

So don’t be afraid to throw your little one into the air and make them smile!!! It slways works for us!

Higher daddy!!!!

Thanks to Elastoplast I can let daddy throw Nandy into the air as high as he wants with confidence!

We were sent 2 boxes of Elastoplast plasters to enable us to write a review for the #Elastoplast #TearsintoSmiles challenge sponsored by Elastoplast. All words are my own and I would not post about a product if I didn’t have genuine regard for its quality and brand.

Rebecca & Nandy 


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