The Making of The Bear and the Bird

The Bear and the Bird were one of the very first Instagram shops we discovered, we were looking for a few custom nursery items and stumbled upon their store. Immediately we hit it off discussing a custom clay piece for Nandys’ nursery. The ladies were so accommodating and helpful with trying to come up with designs. We became friends and 12 months on we find ourselves as their reps after a stint of being enthusiasts. We have been so immensely proud of being part of Team Bear and Bird for so long and can honestly say they are the best. 

Their products are lovingly handmade and full of style. Please go give them a follow @thebear_and_thebird on Instagram 

Hi, Tell us a bit about yourself and your family 

We’re Melanie and Lisa and we’ve been running The Bear and The Bird for just over a year now!!! Yay!! We live with our other halves, and our little ones, Charlie and Sophie. But not in the same house, that would be weird!! We do live just a ten minute drive away from each other in Newcastle though.

We started while Melanie was on maternity leave and Lisa had just gone back to work after having Sophie. We’d talked for a long time about starting up some kind of creative business but hadn’t really narrowed down what we wanted to do or how until then. The timing just seemed right – we were able to think, talk, plot and plan (all while we looked after the kids!) Melanie was trying to sort Charlie’s nursery and was spending hours on Pinterest and Insta looking at gorgeous bits and falling in love with nursery decor!

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone thinking of setting up an insta shop / etsy what would it be?

Just go for it! We worry so much about getting things ‘perfect’ before we launch a new product etc. but sometimes it’s better just to crack on, get it out there and see what happens!

Who do you feel inspired by on Instagram?

Arrrrgh, so so many people! We’re inspired by other makers and businesses, bloggers, interior designers and other mamas! The way that people take an idea for a space and run with it, the themes they choose, the colour combinations that they put together and the different takes that people have on the same thing…there’s inspiration to be found every time we scroll!

Tell us a little bit more about where you want the bear and the bird to be in 5 years time?

Another tough question Becks!!! Erm, world domination?!? Ha ha!! To be doing more designing and making, to have expanded our range of nursery decor beyond what we already offer and to be spending more of our time doing the things that we love.

What’s your favourite insta purchase and why?

We love the range of different prints and cards that we have from various makers on Insta (Wonder & Rah, Ingrid Petrie, Osotwee, Junk and Glitter, Liz Mosley, Lovely Ink, The Little Jones, Mini Learners, SooUK…) They’re a quick and easy way to mix things up, change the feel of a room, add a bit of colour or pop onto a flatlay!

A massive thankyou to Lisa and Melanie for taking the time to answer our questions and to say thanks for reading the blog they are offering readers a super 15% off using NANDY15 until 31/05/17. 



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