The Baby Show Haul

The Baby Show is an event fairly local to where we live in the midlands, I visited for the first time when I was pregnant with Nandy and didn’t purchase much as I felt completely inundated with choice and products which I wasn’t sure I would need.

This year was somewhat different and I visited with a more open mind as to the products which we use and a list of things we needed to buy.

Firstly we went off to see the lovely Kiera at Mama designs. We went last year specifically to buy one of her gorgeous mint and grey cellular blankets – it was a must for us to return to her stand again and purchase one of her gorgeous babasacs with the mono pineapple print on it!! We bagged this at a special show price, however, it has to be said that the normal price is still really competitive as the quality is superb and so so stylish!!!

It was then off for a quick bottom change for Nandy at the Aldi mamia changing area and they certainly didn’t disappoint! They gave us plenty of free nappy samples and whilst I waited they gave me some food samples too including pouches, snacks and even a pack of tommee tippee feeding spoons! All of which will come in extremely handy right now.

Once Nandy was all clean we just had to make a stop at the waterwipes stand, last year they were just giving away coupons for £1 off packs of wipes – but this year they were actually selling them! Yipeee! We managed to Bag a few boxes of wipes for much much less than what we would have paid on the high-street and the ladies on the stand couldn’t get enough of Nandy flashing his cheeky smile at them! It’s safe to say we have always used waterwipes because of Nandys skin is sensitive and eczema prone we couldn’t use any others on his skin! So it was a prime chance to stock up!!

Waterwipes in hand we headed off to look at car seats. We had a list of the things we needed to buy and a car seat for hubbys’ car was one of them! We first looked at Recaro seat, they were willing to sell the show model at a discounted price of £160 but I wasn’t happy that the seat didn’t have harnesses and relied upon a bumper guard mechanism instead, so we headed to the huge Joie stand in the middle of the arena and sought out the ‘stages’ car seat. Unfortunately all the display ones had sold but it was still a bargain price of only £150. The cheapest I’d seen this seat on the high street was £199.

Order for car seat placed we then decided to source out some items for travel and holidays. The plan is to go to Devon next week and Bordeaux in September so we knew we needed to buy a travel high chair and a travel sleepbag. We luckily found a travel high chair at the chicco stand for only £18, instead of the usual £30!! We also sought some car seat friendly sleepbags from The Gro Company for £25 each. Meaning we can travel to the airport in the middle of the night with him snug in his seat to avoid waking him (it is always advised to ensure the car seat straps are tightly adjusted to protect your baby so removing coats etc prior to strapping them in, this is why we purchased the harness and travel friendly sleepbag!).

I was in need of some basic plain coloured bibs for meal times and remembered from last year a company called Bubba Bibs, we bagged 7 bibs for £10 all in lovely plain colours, perfect to send to the childminder or keep at mums for mealtimes!

We stumbled upon a lovely stand for baby food called babease – I got chatting to Zoi their marketing guru and she kindly filled a bag with samples of yummy food for us to try out! There were so many flavours to choose from in lovely packaging and lots recipe ideas – using the pouches mixed into things like chickpeas for curries. Can’t wait to try them out!

We wandered past a fabulous book stand selling Mr Men books (which we adore) we managed to get 3 books for £5 – always a winner with Nandy!

Another item on my list of things to buy was new dummies. We headed to the Mam stand – they had an offer – 4 packs of dummies for £15. I bagged 4. Especially the night time ones which we have never tried before. I also took the opportunity to buy larger dummies as usually we have 0+ size. I got 6+ for his bigger mouth!

Last but not least no trip to the NEC would be complete without a visit to our friends over at Nuby. We have been brand reps for Nuby U.K. For a while now and absolutely adore working with them. We took home a goody bag of products we don’t already own including some bath toys and a lovely fox crinkle teether! The bath toys were used as soon as we got home!

I think it’s safe to say the baby show was a complete hit!

Rebecca & Nandy

All words are my own and we were not sponsored by the baby show in any way to promote their show. The products bought on the day were purchased and where stated we may have been given items for free or at discounted rates in exchange for a photo or two. 

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