Our First Family holiday with Boutique Retreats – Day 1

We used to holiday all of the time before we had a baby, we were free and able to go wherever and do whatever we wished. Then it all changed! Little did I know that planning a holiday with a baby in tow would be such a mission.

So there’s things to consider with a baby that we hadn’t even contemplated before:-

1. Is the accommodation baby friendly?

2. Does the accommodation offer travel cots and high chairs to save lugging them with you?

3. Are you flying or driving? Either way there’s extra baggage to consider!!

4. How long is the drive / journey and will there be a need for numerous stops along the way to prevent meltdowns?

5. What will the weather be like in the chosen destination and is it baby friendly weather (I.e – not too hot or cold)?

6. Do they have a baby friendly pool / play areas?

7. Is there a Beach closeby and things to do for kids?

8. Are there things to do for adults once the baby is in bed? Like local takeaways and somewhere to cook food and have a glass of wine? DVDs to use and satellite TV (rock and roll I know!!)

The list is quite frankly endless !!! (Plus personal to every family).

Because we so desperately needed a break -we were fortunate enough to receive a donation from our parents to book a much needed break. After using boutique retreats for our babymoon I just had to search their properties again for this holiday.

That’s when I stumbled upon Start Point Lookout in Start Bay. It’s nautical style and crisp Ralph Lauren interiors stood out at me, then came the heated outdoor swimming pool, pretty terraces and gardens, amazing views and not to mention steeped in history, a spare room for Nandy to sleep in and the kitchen / living space so that we can relax with organic food and wine when Nandy goes to bed. Perfect!

Getting here wasn’t too bad as it was straight down the M5 for us, but, once off the M5 we did take a few turns down tight country lanes to reach the house! It’s safe to say it’s well worth the tight narrow country lane drive as soon as you get here you find yourself in a little piece of heaven. It’s tranquil, the quiet is like no other. All you can hear is the wind blowing and the birds singing. At home we have traffic noise til late and here is just what we needed to get that much needed peace and quiet away from it all.

The apartment has wifi so I was able to update the blog and surf the web during Nandys sleep times. We sat outside on the pretty terrace overlooking the hills and drank tea and ate complimentary scones lush!!!!

Right on the front of the building is a coastal path leading to the once was village of hallsands which has been washed away by the sea. It’s so pretty and the apartment itself offers epic sea views. You do get a few people who are walking pass by the windows but that doesn’t matter much.

The apartment even offers a balcony to the front of the building as well as the rear so you can always find a sunny spot!

The swimming pool was a lovely inviting warmth as it was heated, when we arrived it was in use by another family of 3, still so quiet.

We were able to cook ourselves some lush food as the local supermarket stocked enough to keep us going and the apartment was better equipped than our kitchen at home!!!

I was so in love with the lush interiors of the apartment, denim and nautical shades, crisp white bed linen and the shower was powerful and clean, perfect!

Nandy had his own little room off the main lounge which did make it awkward come night time as we couldn’t sit and watch TV through fear of waking him – this just meant we spent more time outside actually talking which was a positive anyway!

Nandy absolutely loved the change of scenery. At first he cried because he has never been on holiday before and seemed unsure but immediately he got over it and his arms were flapping and cheeks beaming with a smile – watching passers by from the balcony with daddy!!

I cannot recommend this apartment enough. Perhaps for couples or couples with a small child.
Because of its remote location I would suggest you need to be uber organised and ensure you pack all you need as there is no “nipping off to the pub or shop” to be done! As I’m sure the closest is 8 miles away!

Rebecca and Nandy x


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