Our First Family Holiday – Day 2

Woke up today to clouds and had to seriously consider the plan for the day, we had hoped to utilise the swimming pool at the apartment but with the weather being cloudy and unpredictable – doing some exploring seemed a better option!

There is a coastal path that leads 1.5 miles in both directions from outside of the apartment, the only downside to me following this path is the fact that I am simply terrified of heights! A steep cliff edge drops away beneath and I haven’t exactly come prepared with walking boots and all the walking gear! Because we anticipated we may do a lot of off-road exploring we bought along the baby bjorn as well as the stroller, it makes it so much easier to carry them in the bjorn – especially for holidays it enables Max to be nosy and enjoy the views too!!

As I stated in my first post the apartment is very well equipped in the kitchen so we were able to consume a decent breakfast beforehand to help fuel our walk!

Last night I woke a few times to tend to Nandy as he still wakes to be fed / comforted, I could see the flash of the lighthouse across the field behind the house – it was strangely eery yet wonderful. So I planned to make it my mission to visit that lighthouse!

Once we had gotten onto the coastal path it was well preserved and even tarmaced – we headed through and stood in awe of the beautifum views!!!

Unfortunately the lighthouse wasn’t open as we headed there so early, so we trekked back to the apartment for a cup of tea and then off we went again in the other direction along the coastal path to Beesands for some well deserved lunch!

It’s there which we let Nandy explore the pebbled beach and have his first taste of ice cream.

Once safely back at the apartment it was time to test out that swimming pool!! The px. had finally decided to shine so we lifted the cover and went for dip! Refreshing!

We are having simply the best time here at Start Bay! Nandy is loving it – can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

Rebecca & Nandy & Daddy 


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