Our First Family Holiday – Day 4 

It’s safe to say it’s been an incredible 3 days so far! I’ve absolutely loved it here in Devon, I cannot believe I’ve never been here before!!

Last night we sat on the balcony at our apartment sipping pimms and eating amazing food whilst the sun set and Nandy slept in the spare bedroom.

I used the time to catch up on some admin and plan my spa day for today! So Nandy and daddy spent some boys time at the royal citadel in Plymouth I went off to the local spa for some pampering.

Now we weren’t allowed to take many photos at either location so pictures of today are limited!

I decided I needed a spa because I start back at work next week and knew I needed some rejuvenation beforehand. I booked myself in for a facial and a full body wrap. A cheeky afternoon tea too!

We headed into Plymouth first thing in the morning and the sun was shining bright – we had a wander along the marina front and drank latte and ate cake!

This £17 buggy stroller from Aldi has been a godsend!

We found this really quirky bike cafe – where you could get decent drinks and get your bike fixed at the same time 🙂

Following on from that we had time to make a pit stop at an old lighthouse for some snaps before moving onto the spa.

The spa itself was in a glorious location an old hall and the spa attached was brand new and modern, it was clean and inviting. I had a perfect dip the pool and the jacuzzi and lay out in the sunshine, my poor face and shoulders aren’t thanking me for it now though, I’m burnt red to a crisp.

Over at camp daddy he did a guided tour of the citadel and took limited photos (none of which really included Nandy!!) We headed back to our gorgeous apartment for dinner on the balcony again – what a gloriously relaxing day it’s been!

Word of advice is that we are so glad we decided to shop for all our food before getting to the apartment because there are NO shops locally and the roads are so narrow it’s makes nipping out a pain. It’s really beautiful to feel so cut off from the norm and completely relax!
Rebecca, Daddy & Nandy 


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