Bobo & Boo bamboo Dinnerware Review 

Nandy hasn’t used proper cutlery or dinnerware yet as he is quite a messy eater and still learning the ropes with finger foods, I am however, keen to get him started on learning to use dinnerware and cutlery as soon as possible.

Luckily we were fortunate enough to be sent the “Pacific Blue” Bobo and Boo dinnerware set for children from Eatwell U.K. to try out!

When I first put the dinnerware in front of him (without food on – reasons will be explained later!!) he picked up the cup straight away and tried drinking from it! A great start right!?

Due to the texture of the dinnerware being slightly Matt he was able to get a grasp on the outside of the beaker easily. I’m still not sure if I would trust him to use it with liquid in yet though!

Next up to test was the plate, bowl, fork and spoon.

He immediately started smacking the plate against the highchair so thank goodness there was no food on it (it would have been plastered over my walls!!) and thank goodness it is damage proof – as the plate took a fair few hefty whacks without showing signs of breakage!
I walked into the kitchen to find him wielding the fork and spoon above his head like a warrior! Haha

The other great thing about this set is that it is dishwasher safe (as long as you use the top rack). Great for me who is always too lazy to wash up and relies on the dishwasher!
The range comes in a wide selection colours  – I love the mono version!  In fact these sets would make fantastic gifts for small children!

Thanks to eatwell for sending us this set to try for free.

If you like what you see then you can purchase the Bobo and boo dinnerware sets here for just £19.95.

Love Nandy & Rebecca 


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