5 ways to enjoy your Shared Parental Leave 

Shared Parental Leave is a new government lead scheme whereby employees can share their Leave with their child. When I fell pregnant with Nandy I promised hubby that he could take 3 months off and I would do 9 months. When the hormones set in and I realised how much I enjoyed being a mum I changed that, I stuck with the shared Leave but we decided to take a month off together instead.

That’s right – you can take the Leave together!

So I’ve had 44 weeks off work alone and hubby has had 4 weeks at the same time as my remaining 4 weeks – making the 52 week entitlement.

So how to make the most of that time together?

1. Use it as a chance to get everything in order before you return to work!!

We spent the time catching up on house admin, packing the bags for the nursery, getting car seats fitted and all the information to the childminder. I caught up on work admin, charged my laptop and dusted off my work clothes!

2. Have fun  

It was imperative that we enjoyed this time off together

3. Have a plan
To achieve number 2 we forged a plan! A daily plan of exactly where we wanted to visit and what we wanted to see during our time off together so that we didn’t waste away any of our days just saying “what shall we do today”

4. Try not to kill one another

Ok so 4 weeks together is quite full on at times and can be easy to forget the reasons you decided to do it when you’re tripping over one another all day and starting to get fed up of their presence (especially when you’ve had 44 weeks off alone doing your own routine) but please try and take a step back and remember that this time is special and will likely never happen again!!

5. Use it as a chance to have some “you” time

So if like me you’ve spent 44 weeks solely caring for your child and haven’t had chance to get your hair done or your bits waxed then this is the perfect time to step back and sort those things out! Hubby can be left holding the baby for once whilst I have some quality me time!


I hope these tips have helped you and enjoy your time off as a family!



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