5 Tips for starting a ‘Mum Blog’ 

Many of you may be able to relate to the negativity from non-bloggers about the reasons why I have an online blog. They simply raise their eyebrows at me as if to say “what is the point” or say things like “how do you find the time?!”. The simple answer is that my journey as a parent is being documented for me, my family and friends to look over in years to come, many a feeling and thought has been documented where it may have been lost without be blog. I do find the time, because quite simply put – I enjoy it,  I am an organised person by nature and sitting on my butt and doing nothing for 12 months of my maternity leave would never have worked for me. I always need something to keep my brain functioning, so why not start a blog!

Here are my 5 tips for anyone out there considering starting up a parenting blog:-

1. Don’t do it just for money or free stuff. 

I think there is some association between blogging and making money. Of course there are plenty of bloggers out there making money, but they have worked on their blogs for so long and committed so much to them. Brands and PR can see straight through those bloggers who do it just for the money or freebies and it downgrades the quality of your writing. So be sure to do it because you enjoy it and think of the free stuff as just a bonus.

2. Keep the quality of writing high and the content relatable.

If your spelling is awful and your writing skills leave a lot to be desired then perhaps blogging isn’t for you. Be sure to spellcheck your content before publishing and check that it reads well. No one will follow you if they cannot understand your posts!

3. Don’t moan and rant! 

No one wants to work with a blogger who rants and moans and comes accross too negative. Now I’m all for a bit of realism in life and love how candid some can be, but be careful not to overstep the mark.

4. Post regularly and along the same themes

No one will follow your blog if you change your topics and post infrequently. People want to know what they are following and how often you are going to post. If you don’t post often enough people will forget about you. If you post too much people will get annoyed.

Similarly with the content; keep it consistent and along the same themes. For example – my blog is focussed on my sons’ life and the activities we do together and the things I find useful as a parent. If I suddenly start posting about fashion or food then my readers are going to get confused about my subject type and will likely unfollow.

5. Sign up to blogging sites 

I’ve found bloggers required, Mumsnet, Netmums and Tots 100 really useful tools to help me expand my blog. You need to connect and engage with them as much as possible to enable you to really improve your following and increase the chances of getting blogging assignments and viewers.
I hope you’ve found these tips useful to read and good luck with your blog. Feel free to drop me a comment below with a link to your blog for me to read!



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