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Mother, Father and son based in Worcestershire – Tales of Parenting Adventures and Travel. 

Nandy is the name which we called my baby bump, well, it actually started with Fernando and then swiftly got shortened to Nandy during the pregnancy. Soon enough everyone was asking about Fernando or Nandy and we just had to keep it as his nickname!

I’m his mum, Rebecca. I plan to use this blog as a place I can discuss certain aspects of his life or my time and experiences as a mum, review products which we like using or have kindly been sent to try from lovely companies along the way!

The blog will reflect my adjustment from a career driven woman to a mum of one on maternity leave and beyond.

People have recently thanked me for my honest and open review of motherhood – that I haven’t painted it all rosy and light, that I tell it the way it is!

We hope you enjoy following us on our (I’m going to drop the J bomb) journey!

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