Day at the Farm

Daylesford Farm Shop is a gorgeous place based in Kingham Gloucestershire.

We spent the day here in April and returned again in May 2017 for their summer festival. Sadly the sun didn’t shine the second time around but it was still a fun packed day for the family!

It’s always difficult to think of things to do with babies because they get bored at home but also aren’t active enough to take advantage of alternative activities. I’ve discovered that Nandy just loves being out and about regardless of where we are – his head is always flicking from left to right taking in all of his surroundings like a meerkat!

When we visited the first time the weather was nice enough so we decided to take advantage and buy some of the gorgeous organic produce from the farm shop to eat and set up a picnic in the field. We did seem to be the only ones doing this though, but it was so beautiful we couldn’t resist! We had cheese, pickles, olives, fresh bread, elderflower ham and sausage roll, plus sundried tomatoes and homemade potato salad – it was lush siting in the sun and snacking on the food.

We saw cows and sheep, no pigs. We took a walk over railway bridges and streams, through fields and explored where the beehives and blossom trees were.

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Post Partum Diet & Fitness Journey

Before I had Nandy I was in decent shape a size 8-10 and an avid gym go-er. It’s no secret that I’m not happy with the changes to my body since being pregnant. I estimate I added some 4 stone in weight during pregnancy and the water retention was also pretty major! See my previous post “on Mum Bod

With the need to return to work looming I’ve decided I need to step it up a notch or two on the fitness and diet front. I really don’t want to go back to the office and look like a huge whale and face all the male chants of “oooh still pregnant are we?” Or such things. Plus one thing I’ve realised is that most of my confidence as a successful career woman comes with how I look. The high heels and sharp suits. One of my team politely put it that he was “hoping I would bring the glamour back”.

With being on maternity leave it’s so chilled and relaxed. You are around like-minded individuals who are in the same position and It’s so easy to sit in cafes all day drinking mocha lattes and eating cake chatting about baby sleep routines and milestones isn’t it!!!

So, cutting to the chase – I started my “21 day habit” at the local gym, they have given me a nutrition plan to follow and a set of rules and challenges.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s daddy Nandys’ first ever Father’s Day this year so we need to pull out all the stops to make sure his day is extra special! (Cough cough because he failed so miserably at my first ever Mother’s Day and boy didn’t he know about it) I’m a little under pressure to ensure he is spoilt!

In that regard I’ve pulled together a small guide on our top buys for Father’s Day for all budgets – including Instagram shops because we just LOVE shopping small and supporting handmade / small businesses.


1. Papa Bear Tshirt

This tshirt is perfect for twinning because they even do “baby bear” and “mama bear” ones to match! Get that photo on Father’s Day of you all wearing the same tops!

2. Drone

Hubby has been harping on about a drone for ages and this one is reasonably priced from

3. Go Pro Hero 5

Ok so this is £400 (£299 on offer at the moment) and way out of my price range but I know Hubby would be one seriously happy bunny if he were to receive this. He has the original gro pro which I bought him years ago for his car hobby and doing short videos of our baby free holidays!! I think he could get his love of video back if I bought this!

4. Paul Hollywood baking beans & Paul hollywood Flour shaker

Hubby is a fab hand at baking bread – he loves it, I couldn’t resist sneaking these accessories on the guide as they are useful to that budding baker in your lives!

5. Daddy Print/ Card

Available from @thelittlejones on instagram or little jones website soon – you can get superhero or legend prints which you could frame and give as a gift! I think they would look perfect on their desk at work, hung in their garage or man shed…!! Or even used as a card and write a nice message on the back.

6. Nappy clutch / Man bag

Love Roo makes an amazing collection of nappy and clutch bags for mamas – I asked her to make one for my hubby and she came up with this awesome design! He loves camo (avid reader of commando dad!!!) and has a camo backpack for his main baby bag! So it made sense to have a miniature version. I know he wanted one of these to take swimming with Nandy. The nappy clutches / man bags start from £14.99.

I hope this guide has inspired you and given you some ideas for every budget on what to buy your loved one this Father’s Day! 

Rebecca and Nandy 

Healthy, Tasty & Convienient – Piccolo Pouches Review 

Convienience – it’s all about it these days isn’t it? Especially being a mum. One thing I’ve learnt is that convienience is my friend. 

It’s month 6, I started out very prepared with weaning Nandy, Annabel Karmel book to the ready, I’d puréed broccoli, sweet potatoes and butternut squash within an inch of its life and frozen it into ice cube trays. Now this is where the fun started – whilst smashing frozen food out of ice cube trays one pinged up and smacked me square in the eye – the other flew up into the air and landed behind the freezer! Great! Not a great start!

Then ensued the defrosting element – thus had to be done in a jug if hot water which took hours as microwaving is considered bad due to hotspots in the food! 

You can only imagine that this routine didn’t go on long before I thought sod this for a game of soldiers and started looking to buy food – for convienience. But, what about when convienience doesn’t suit – for example, the worry of wanting the best for your baby and what’s easy for you as a mum!?

The answer – Piccolo food pouches – they are natural and contain foods which even I would normally eat, chickpeas, kale, sweet potatoes …. all those “in” things which a good for us and full of flavour and herbs. 

Plus, they’ve just been made finalists for the 2017 best new brand in the world food innovation awards!!! How amazing is that! They are supported by the NCT too, which always gives you confidence. 

Due to a lack of availability in my local supermarket I ordered a bulk of the pouches on for delivery to the house (even more convienient right!) my weaning journey literally transformed overnight.

Nandy LOVES the chickpea, squash and pepper purée, I mix it with his vegetables, cous cous, pasta, tuna … all manner of stuff!  No more waste, no more defrosting, ease of transportation, fresh and tasty! 

I also mixed the carrot pouch with some mashed potato! 

Homemade mash

I really wanted to try the mango, kale and pear with a hint yoghurt but couldn’t locate it anywhere – so we were kindly sent a few pouches to try from Piccolo directly – they went went down a treat too!

So far the only pouch Nandy is yet to really enjoy is the chicken – it smells divine and just like a chicken roast! Perhaps he is going to be vegetarian – who knows!

Even though we try and follow baby led weaning we can still use the purees mixed with porridge for breakfast or with vegetables for tea! 


Piccolo did not sponsor or endorse this post, all opinions are my own. We were sent a few pouches of food to try for free, but this was not in connection with any advertising. I chose to write about Piccalo of my own accord. 

If you would like to purchase any Piccolo pouches then you can do so from Asda / Waitrose / Ocado supermarkets. 

KidloLand App Review

We were contacted by the lovely team over at KidloLand and asked to review their app which is suitable for babies and children up to the age of 5. 

Having an active youngster I was eager to download the app right away and start to find out what it was all about and hopefully entertain him.

The app can be downloaded from your mobile App Store either Android or Apple 


Google Play Store:

Amazon Appstore:

After subscribing you get access to content such as nursery rhymes, games and educational tools.

Really intrigued

The app is fun, bright and noisy – perfect for entertaining a interested baby or toddler.

Example of the menu – Bright and colourful

Immediately I downloaded the content for the nursery rhymes section – the downloads are fast but I must admit you do need to take time to download the content in advance so that it is there for when you need it most!

Learn to trace

Ok so let’s start with just a couple of Negatives:-

  • You have to download the content before you can use it.  
  • The singing voices could be better and the song lyrics can sound really made up (to the point that my mum and I were really laughing at some of the lyrics they chose)!  

Now onto the Positives:- 

  • It’s brightly coloured and loud and immediately gets their attention!
  • It’s informative and educational 
  • It’s handy!! – on your phone or tablet so you can transport the entertainment around!
  • It has plenty of options for what to play so your baby won’t get bored easily! Games, music, even Christmas themes – all sorts! 

If you have a tablet device I can imagine this app would be even more handy to have – I was just using my iPhone to play the content to Nandy and found he kept trying to take the phone into his own hands – so I would seriously recommend you download the app onto a device you aren’t bothered about handing over to your kids to get their mucky hands and dribble all over! 

We were sent a free 6 month subscription to this app in exchange for a review. We would not take part in a review if we did not pride ourselves in the fact we give honest feedback. 

We would recommend you download the app if you have time to download the content and you want an educational and fun tool for your little ones! 

More information on the app and the subscription charges can be found by going to the KidloLand Website.

The Post Baby ‘Mess’ 

Anyone relate? You’ve just had a little one, there’s stuff everywhere. High chair in the kitchen, food catapaulted all over the walls, toys all over the floor, soggy muslin cloths flung in every room, dirty nappy bin overflowing and washing, washing and more washing piled high, Yesterday’s pants strewn on the bathroom floor and cups of half drunk tea lying around the place like a cup graveyard… yep welcome to my new world of mess. 

Back when I thought ironing muslin cloths was a good idea!

Let’s rewind to my pre-baby life. I was OCD about stuff, things had to have their place. (Now I’m not saying I don’t still have OCD about where things reside but I’d say I’m just a tad more relaxed these days). You see, this is the thing … when the baby comes along all order seems to go out of the window. Doesn’t matter how many “ikea hacks” and baby organisers you deploy; there’s still a massive shift in your lifestyle and it takes time to adapt – or in my case – you don’t. 
Let me see if I can list this out in a simpler way (not because my readers need it simplified but because that’s how my brain currently operates that way now I have a child).


Pre baby thoughts / Post baby thoughts

1. I’m not having plastic toys 

Sod it buy the jumparoo with added flashing tacking plastic keyboard and plastic cow.

2. Everything will have a place 

What do you mean which drawer do muslins go in? They could be anywhere!

3. The lounge will be our adult space 

The Lounge is now full of toys 

Toys in the lounge – standard now

4. Everything will match the decor.

I may consider redecorating the house in primary colours to match his toys.

5. Baby will have to fit into our ways

Let him do what he wants if it stops him screaming.

6. I may need a hobby to keep busy

Hobby? I haven’t been for a wee in 5 hours – I must schedule that in before my bladder implodes.

7. All white and pale colours are nicer I’m not decorating his room yellow!

Sod white and pale colours they shows the mess – where’s that yellow?

8. Our garden is not having a plastic slide and climbing frame

What’s he having for his birthday? A plastic slide and climbing frame for the garden …

9. He’s not having food in the car

Here have this wafer in the car whilst mummy tries to drive in peace. 

10. I won’t have a mucky faced baby 

Fine – if you won’t let me touch your face you can go out with a snotty nose and prune smeared up your cheeks


Can anyone else relate to this? How has having a baby changed your outlook on mess / home life?


Mum / Wife / Dogsbody

Yesterday – it was an uber productive day!! Mum came over to watch Nandy so I could get stuff done – I started with the cooker – the gas rings on the rangemaster had turned from shiny silver to grease stained brown, I scrubbed it until it gleaned once more!!

Next on the hit list was the stack of leaves outside – I swept them all up and binned them = happy me.

I then proceeded to make beds / Hoover / put clean washing away / tidy / clean toilets and wash up (after 3 baby led weaning meal times had destroyed my kitchen).

Next on the to do list was to take Nandy to see the doctor about his eczema – I went through the upset of being told his skin is infected and we needed yet more creams, so off I went to collect another prescription from the pharmacy.

Did I mention I hadn’t even found the time to pee at this point?

I even cooked hubby his favourite a Moroccan steak for tea, he walks through the door to a spotless house a happy baby and his dinner cooking … I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, cue hubby tutting and huffing at the fact that I had failed to empty the nappy bin is what went wrong!


The offensive nappy bin and pile of washing

It was like he had flicked a “crazy” button on the side of my head and I just went into meltdown. A huge row ensued and both of us didn’t speak a word to each other for the rest of the evening!

My point of view :- why do they always pick fault with the one thing you haven’t done rather than focus on the 15 you have done that day?

I scrubbed the gas rings on the cooker and he picks fault at a nappy bin???

Somedays we just want to be told how amazing we are and that we have super powers and we are perfect don’t we??


Anyone else feel like a general dogsbody / mum / wife / knackered person? 

Practical Weaning

Any other mums finding it hard to wean baby onto food when you have OCD and hate mess?

It seems to go against the baby led weaning rules of “let them play with food to learn” when you’re constantly wiping their face and hands to keep their clothes from getting dirty!

Thank goodness for Nuby I say!

They sent us the most genius cover up Catch all bib to use this week and I am so grateful of it, so much so that I plan to order a fair few more!

The bib can be wiped clean with the damp cloth, so if you are like me, and feeding your baby 3 meals a day (be it purees, or baby led finger foods) this is ideal.

Nandy eats porridge each morning now and previously we had a supermarket branded apron which was made of cotton, the porridge got stuck to the fabric and had to be washed immediately after. Im not sure of many mums that want to be putting the washing machine on after every meal?!

I cannot recommend this bib enough, thankyou once again Nuby for being so awesome!

NOTE: Nuby sent us this bib to use and I would not geniunely write a positive review about a product if I did not geniunely believe in it.

Nursery Decor

When planning the nursery I decided I didn’t want to find out the sex of the baby, so the nursery theme had to be gender neutral. I am impatient so decorated prior to the 20 week scan.

It all started with the wallpaper, which I chose from next. The geo print wallpaper was neutral in my opinion and acted as a great base from which to build on.


Geo wallpaper with pebble paint, Peg dolls were custom painted from teddy_co_uk

We had the walls painted in ‘pebble’ colour by dulux as this seemed to match the grey tone of the wallpaper perfectly.

It wasn’t long before I discovered the delights of insta shopping and made a few custom purchases! The lovely ladies over at the The Bear and the Bird worked with me to create a beautiful clay and feltball triangle decoration and matching garland which can be seen strung below.



We had a lovely wooden box which was handpainted to match his theme perfectly from Happy little folks and this came in handy for on his changing table to store all his creams and wipes in!


This handcrafted Triangle print box from Happy little folks contains all of Max creams and wipes to keep his changing unit tidy

I found some great Ikea hack ideas before we had Nandy, and took inspiration to use the Hemnes 8 drawer chest as a changing unit, Ive divided the drawers up so that they contain the nappies and muslin cloths making those bum changes as efficient as possible!


Drawer organistion

We found the most perfect triangle print blanket from humble and weave which makes an epic addition to his cot.


The feeding / nursing chair was a bargain buy from Dunelm!

I couldnt live without the beautiful Mama designs cellular blanket which I bought from her at the baby show in grey and mint, I wrap it around my shoulders on a cold evening when feeding Nandy at 3am!


Continuing on the triangle theme we had bespoke building wooden blocks made by the wonderful Myla and Oscar, and a triangle paper bunting decoration adorns the window perfectly from H&M.


H&M Bunting


Triangle decals work perfectly as shelf decor

It turns out we did find out the sex of the baby in the end – but I wouldnt change my choices as I truly feel the mint / grey and ochre work well for a boy.


The Poo Watcher

So this week I’ve become a serial poop watcher.

Nandy was sick over the weekend and since has produced very minimal dirty nappies, resulting in mummy becoming obsessed by poop! Is it too runny / green / mustard – is he constipated? (Cue googles “constipation in breastfed babies”)

Never did I expect that I would “congratulate” my son on his poo. But I do.

Somone send help.