Planning a Beach Themed 1st Birthday Party

I can’t just throw a party – it’s not in my nature. I always have to have a pinterestable party, one with a theme. I love to plan parties! I don’t know why I’m not a wedding planner or party planner by profession! I think it’s my creative and artistic side coming out. I like to be crafty, make things look nice and piece things together into a well considered theme.

For my wedding we got married in Africa so we had a zebra themed after party back in the UK with tasteful hints of zebra print and black and white mono theme. We even had zebra print on the cupcakes!

For my 30th birthday we did a masquerade ball theme in my favourite colours of deep purple, silver and black. All the gents wore a tux and masks and the ladies ball gowns. It was a real do and I loved every minute!!

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Post Partum Diet & Fitness Journey

Before I had Nandy I was in decent shape a size 8-10 and an avid gym go-er. It’s no secret that I’m not happy with the changes to my body since being pregnant. I estimate I added some 4 stone in weight during pregnancy and the water retention was also pretty major! See my previous post “on Mum Bod

With the need to return to work looming I’ve decided I need to step it up a notch or two on the fitness and diet front. I really don’t want to go back to the office and look like a huge whale and face all the male chants of “oooh still pregnant are we?” Or such things. Plus one thing I’ve realised is that most of my confidence as a successful career woman comes with how I look. The high heels and sharp suits. One of my team politely put it that he was “hoping I would bring the glamour back”.

With being on maternity leave it’s so chilled and relaxed. You are around like-minded individuals who are in the same position and It’s so easy to sit in cafes all day drinking mocha lattes and eating cake chatting about baby sleep routines and milestones isn’t it!!!

So, cutting to the chase – I started my “21 day habit” at the local gym, they have given me a nutrition plan to follow and a set of rules and challenges.

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Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast 

Nandy may only be 9 months old but we love to get out and about and explore – we shouldn’t be afraid of letting him explore his surroundings through fear of the odd cut or scrape!

We were kindly sent some Elastoplast children’s plasters to use if (and when!) Nandy has any little “boo boo’s” or “mishaps” or “scrapes” – however you want to name those minor accidents that can occur at any time with little ones who are on the move or being adventurous!

We love to get out and about and take photos in the most unusal of places, any slip or fall could result in some tears!

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Nandy has been teething for a while now, as yet I haven’t felt or seen a tooth. We’ve struggled to find teething products to help him but we are starting to find our feet.


We have tried a number of gels and powders but we’ve found the best to be of gel variety. Bonjela teething gel and ambesol didn’t work for us and as you have to leave them a few hours before reapplying we didn’t find them useful.The best gel for us was “dentinox” and we use it daily!

We also tried the Nelsons teething powders but found they had little effect.


By far the best is Sophie the giraffe – Max uses Sophie all the time and it’s easy to keep clean and wash.

We have also a lot of teething rings and chew toys from Nuby – Nuby stock a huge range of teething equipment – We have beads, taggies and rings all of which are brightly coloured and of varying materials to keep him interested.


Sophie the giraffe is our current favourite


We have some teething bangles and necklaces but due to his age these are only suitable for Max when he is being held by me and under supervision.


Teething Necklace available from Ruby & Moo


Nuby recently sent us a bib to test with a really useful teething triangle at the end of the bib for max to chew on. The bibs are brightly coloured and fun, safe to say they were a complete hit!


All smiles in his teething bib from Nuby

Birthdays as a Mum

So Septembee 19th 2016 was my first birthday as a mum and well, It was different…

1. Dressing up on my birthday now involves wearing heels and brushing my hair…. applying makeup and having sick free clothing was a bonus too 👠💄
2. Trying to load prams and car seats into the car whilst screaming ensued made me reconsider my choice to depart the house and wondered why I didn’t just have tea and cake in the lounge instead 🚗
3. He sensed that the luxurious location where we had afternoon tea was too posh for a baby changing room so decided to have multiple poonamis for effect 💩💩 as he knew I had to use the antique table in the bathroom to change it and that would be funny to potentially pee on 💦.
4. I wanted a gallon of gin but instead was treated to an orange AND lemonade! I know how rock and roll


img_64451. Before I had a baby I would get to the doctors with 10 minutes to spare, now I just about make it to the appointment on time because Max decided to throw up his milk onto his shoes just before we departed the house. Cheers. 😷
2. The injections themselves went really well, so I comforted him with a feed 🍼 – only to receive a huge poonami in return which shot out the side of his nappy, down my leg and into my shoe. Cheers 🙈💩
3. Mum fail then ensued – as I’d left the nappies in the car (I hadn’t expected a huge shit explosion down my leg!) so the nurse (looking at me in utter horror) made my poor son a makeshift nappy out of blue paper towels! Safe to say he wasn’t impressed with that.