Food & Weaning

We have been very fortunate to have received some wonderful weaning tools from Nuby UK, over the past few months we have been testing them out.


One of the first things to try and grapple with was a cup, Max has been breastfed and never really took to a bottle so Ive been nervous about how he would take to the cup, but this one from Nuby is excellent, he took to it right away as you can see Nuby Cup.

Fold away bib

As time goes on I started to realise I needed to wean on the go! Nuby have created a wipe-able and fun bib which can be rolled up for ease of transportation, we have the wonderful tiger design!


The Nibbler is a weaning product complete with a mesh, any fruits or vegetables can be inserted inside the mesh and the baby is able to safely nibble away on their food without worry. Note, it is still very important to supervise your child whilst eating and please be sure to follow the manufacturers guidelines!

Suction Bowl

This bowl has been a life saver, its suction base sticks to the high chair tray to keep it in place, perfect because Nandy insists on trying to eat more than just the food at the moment.

Long handled spoons

The spoons are ideal for little fingers to grasp hold of, the are brightly coloured which makes them want to explore, I have found Nandy just wants to feed himself!





Note:- We are fortunate enough to be brand reps for Nuby UK and all opinions are my own, I would not genuinely endorse any products if I did not highly rate them.