My Birth Story 

I’ve seen many blog posts regarding birth stories and thought hey, it’s intimate and personal but why not share mine too!

I (like most) had set out with a birth plan, I’m a control freak by nature so knew having a baby would always be difficult for me as everything about it is out of your control. I did however, want to have some control over the birth of Nandy if I possibly could.

I researched and I prepared – I did numerous hypnobirthing techniques and Pilates sessions during later weeks of pregnancy to help with breathing and core strength. I’d given up physical activity at 12 weeks because I had a heart murmur and I was terrified of over exerting myself!

I wrote my birth plan and expressed to the midwife that under no circumstances did I want a c section – I’m terrified of the thought of being cut open!

We did a tour of the hospital and viewed the theatre room and I was certain I didn’t want to go anywhere near there. The local hospital had just opened a new style birthing centre led by midwives and I wanted to labour in there if possible. It was all dreamy and calm and I thought it would be the least scary place for me as I’m such a wuss. The whole labour thing was terrifying for me and had always been great contraceptive (as it was this fear of pain and being out of control that put me off having children)!

It was week 39 plus a few days in late July, the heat was unbearable and my ankles / belly / face – in fact whole body had swollen up and I was waddling like a massive whale. I wanted Nandy out of me and quick. Suddenly the labour fear started to fade through preference to see him!

As you can see I was looking very miserable and very, very fat!!! (Heavily pregnant). I even bought a paddling pool just to use to keep cool ! 

I tried walking miles, side stepping and even made hubby give me some sexy time to encourage him out. Nothing was working.

It was 39 and 6 days and I started to get pains, early in the morning I woke hubby and said “I think baby is coming!” I timed the contractions and they were coming one in every 4 minutes. The contraction timing app said to prepare for hospital. I stayed calm… by lunchtime they had gone off – damn!

I spent the afternoon playing uno cards with hubby to distract me and bouncing on my ball to help keep things going. Nope, Nothing. I said to hubby that he might aswell go back to work with a huge sigh!

By 7pm I had decided to make my own bread wraps – the freezer was full of pre made meals such as chilli and casserole ready for when we got home. It was as I stood rolling out dough that the contractions started again. I used my kitchen work surface as a prop to manage the pains and then carried on rolling dough and cooking!

We went to bed as usual that night but I remember feeling uncomfortable; I was getting contractions regularly again. Hubby was snoring next to me as I tossed and turned in bed.

I went to the bathroom at around 4am, it was then I noticed I was bleeding. In a bit of a panic and shaking I went downstairs and called the midwives unit at the hospital to tell them (as not to wake hubby!) they told me to ring an ambulance right away, in fact they made me wake hubby to call the ambulance for me whilst I prepared myself. I was in shock. The puppy pads and towels were on the passenger seat of our new car ready for me. I wasn’t going to hospital in an ambulance – I’d planned to go in my car with my husband!

A few minutes later (as I sat in the hallway bouncing on my ball) the ambulance crew ran in and with disappointment in their voices said “oh, we expected to be delivering this baby tonight!” “It’s Sam’s last day!”

I was frightened now – seeing their panic made it all seem very real. They loaded me onto the ambulance, I could walk but they insisted I lay down. It was a bumpy ride to the hospital and I remember having to breathe harder through contractions. Hubby was following me up in our car as I spoke to the lovely lady about how I was feeling (still feel bad I didn’t get her name).

When we arrived it was pitch black and around 4:30-5am. I remember being taken straight to the delivery suite and getting upset because I wouldn’t have the birthing pool I wanted. I was examined and told I was 5cm dilated! Wow! I was impressed with myself. They said the bleeding was normal and I could go back to the birthing centre! Yahoooo! I was happy. I was also really concerned that I hadn’t said thankyou to the ambulance crew for looking after me, hubby managed to track them down having a break in the reception and asked them to come say goodbye to me in my room. I was so chuffed I got to say thanks to the lovely people for taking care of me on route.

When we entered the birthing room and the midwife explained I needed to stay upright, but, the contractions were so strong at this point that I just wanted to lie down. I’d had no pain relief and couldn’t sit anymore. The bleeding continued too.

A few hours of fancy calm music and flashing lights and I needed air so we had a wander to the kitchen in the birthing suite. I ate crunchy nut cereal between contractions!

The midwives were concerned the contractions weren’t getting stronger despite them coming one in every 3 minutes. I was having to bend over a changing table and breathe with every one: as hubby rubbed my back but decided he needed what he calls “a nervous poo” he decided to do this in the bathroom which was connected to my Birthing room and made a god awful smell, which made me wretch, annoying me so much that my contractions slowed to every 8 minutes!!

It was at this point that the midwives decided I needed to go back to the delivery suite due to the time it was taking for me to dilate and at around 11am I was still 5cm dilated – how frustrating.

Everything beyond this point seems a blur. I had taken Codine just before I left the suite and felt woozy already. I had my heart set on not having an epidural, so took the drugs on offer with the hope of avoiding it. In hindsight I shouldn’t have gone so long without accepting the drugs.

I remember the midwife insisting I get into a gown and a consultant examining me, he decided to break my waters which he did without me taking any pain relief. I recall my legs shaking like jelly and feeling like Bambi. I tried to stand but immediately wanted to sit back down.

The midwife was stressing I needed to sit up so we agreed on me hanging over the back of the bed on all fours – I needed the gas and air now. With every contraction I was taking 5 sucks as hubby limited it! The first time I took it I spaced out and saw stars, so hubby decided I needed control and he held the gas between contractions for me (and then took it away!) and wiped my brow.

It was so insanely hot in there and I was dripping wet. Hours and hours went by and no baby.

I begged for the epidural. Yes, the exact thing I didn’t want.
The consultant came to see me around 4pm (I have no idea of time by this point) and asked me if I could sit still for the epidural needle and all the risks associated; I was screaming “yes” over contractions which were coming so fast there was no rest at all. She said “blimey she’s not getting any rest in these contractions is she” little did I realise that I was actually ready to be pushing by this point. I recall the consultant then saying “it’s too late for this epidural she’s having this baby in 20 minutes, she’s pushing!”.

The midwife asked me – “Becky, do you want the drugs you must tell me now”, I remember being totally out of it and pathetic to be honest so hubby said give her the pethadine.

My legs were put into stirrups and the midwife took away the gas and air for me to push. I failed miserably at pushing – I kept blowing my air out and didn’t push down properly. I wasn’t moving the baby. The consultant came again and said it was because Nandy was facing sideways. I needed to push and turn him 160 degrees to get him out normally or 30 degrees to get him out in a back to back position.

He gave me one hour attempt to turn him before they considered intervention.

I remember looking at the clock and seeing it was around 5pm. I pushed and pushed but I was fearful of that sting they tell you about when the baby crowns.

I was having no gas and air and as I pushed and I could feel the pain which was making me hold back. Hubby said he could see hair! I recall The midwife pulling at me and telling me to “push her fingers away” to help encourage me to push correctly.

It was 6pm, I had the hour and baby hadn’t come. Despite turning and moving him down, it wasn’t enough. I had my bladder emptied and I was being prepped for surgery. I recall signing a form that said they were going to try forceps and then a C-section if that failed. I just remember not caring by this point I was so out of it and tired. I was wheeled down the corridor by my friend who is a midwife and as I was still pushing. I recall her saying “come on! use those contractions, you can get this baby out before you get into the theatre!!” But I had given up ~ I was exhausted.

I was told to sit on the edge of the theatre bed and sit still. This request felt impossible when you’re contracting and on the verge of pushing your baby out the last thing you can do is sit still and sit upright!

I don’t know how I managed it but I remember the feeling of utter bliss when the spinal took hold and the pain just turned into a magical warmth down my body. I recall begging them not to touch me as I could still feel their touch, so they sprayed me with cold and asked if I could feel it but I couldn’t. I thought I would go totally numb but you do still feel pressure without pain, it’s bizarre.

I was told that I needed to push still as they would insert forceps and try that first. Because I couldn’t feel anything the midwife told me when I needed to push and I did. It’s strange pushing and feeling nothing back, I had no idea whether I was being effective or not! But sure enough after 9 pushes he was delivered! His head was like a massive cone and I remember saying “he’s so ugly” when he was placed onto me.

Hubby didn’t get to cut the cord properly due to the delivery but he did cut the cord stub for show!

Nandy was born at 6:59pm weighing 8lb 3oz bang on his due date 27th July 2016. 

All in all my labour was emotionally and physically draining and if I could do it again I’d hope it would go differently.

I’ve struggled ALOT since the birth with black areas in my memory and I’m still not certain why it went the way it did,  but, Nandy is safe as that’s all that matters!

Hope you enjoyed reading my story and feel free to share yours or leave me a comment below …


The Making of The Little Jones

The Little Jones is a perfect Instagram store selling the most adorable prints for your home / nursery or playroom – we love their collection of prints and if you haven’t followed them already then go ahead! They can be found here

Hi, Tell us your name and a bit about yourself and your family…

I’m Kate and I run The Little Jones! I’ve been married to my hubby since 2014 and we have a little boy, Harry, who is 16 months old.

What inspired you to start your insta shop?

I had always wanted to start my own business when I had children, rather than going back to full time work. I had designed lots of bits in the past, including our wedding stationery, so when Harry was born I designed some prints for his nursery and that was the start of The Little Jones.

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone thinking of setting up an insta shop / etsy what would it be?

Have faith in yourself and be consistent! I didn’t tell anyone about The Little Jones when I first started as I was too nervous about what people would think. I wish I’d been more confident at the beginning! I also think consistency with Instagram is key – posting good quality images that work with your brand and doing it every day!

Who do you feel inspired by on Instagram?

So many people! I love kids interiors feeds such as @kidsdesginlife and @_honeypunch and fellow shops like @wonderandrah and @lalalovesdecor. I think Jaz from @themilkcollective has built an amazing brand! I recently found @nedintheclouds, an account which is run by Claire who runs a blog about autism. She recently organised a charity auction (AUT:CTION) and does so much to raise awareness of autism and I find that very inspiring.

Tell us a little bit more about where you want The Little Jones to be in 5 years time?

I have big plans for The Little Jones, but also want to make sure I remember why I started it in the first place – so that I can spend more time with Harry. I’d love to see The Little Jones stocked in more retailers and would like to expand our range to include more than just prints. I’ll be launching greetings cards later this month and have plans to make my own frames as well. I would hope that in 5 years we might have another little one (or two!) running around keeping me busy too!

What’s your favourite insta purchase and why?

Oh that’s a tough question as I have so many! I love our @bulblondon ‘Love’ bulb, I have 3 @velveteen_babies garlands and Harry has loads of amazing clothes from Insta shops. I recently bought a print from @sooukdotcom which I adore and money from each sale went to AUT:CTION, so that’s probably my favourite.


As a thankyou to my blog readers Kate is offering you all 20% any purchase on her website using code NANDY20.

I really enjoyed reading all of Kate’s responses to my questions, I hope you did too. Please give them a follow and be sure to follow our little blog too to read more “making of” stories from this series every Monday at 8pm.


Nandys’ Holiday Wardrobe 

We go on holiday in a month and therefore it’s time to think about what to pack! It’s our very first ever family holiday – for ease we’ve decided to go away to Devon. So it’s British weather in May. What do we pack? 

Well just see below as to a selection of the items we will be taking with us. 

Most of the items are bought from Instagram shops as we are strong supporters of shopping small!! 

1. Letter Romper – Kids We Love – We have ordered the same as photographed but with a ‘M’ letter! 

We recently discovered this brand. We have ordered a huge haul of products from them and simply cannot wait for them to arrive!! 

2. Whale shorts – Lovebeebaby – We have a selection of items from this Instagram shop – everything is super soft and such incredible quality, always made to perfection and packaged so well. These shorts are the perfect Devon holiday design! 

3. Shark wetsuit – this is from Jojo Maman Bebe – at £19.00 we felt this was perfect for days on the beach to protect Nandy from the sun and the Sea! We will still need a waterproof nappy underneath! 

4. I am Loved Tshirt – I am Loved – we have so many tshirts from this wonderful Instagram shop, this grey colour is so summery and perfect alternative to white, which isn’t practical for us at the moment due to Nandy staining his clothes when eating! 

5. Summer hat – Love Roo – This hat is available in lots of different prints – we chose the linen stripe but we also love the whale print too!!! Perfect to keep little heads cool and protected from the sun! 

I was not sponsored or endorsed in any way to write this post. All opinions are my own. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on what to pack for a holiday with a little one! What are your go to items? Comment below! 


The Making of Foxsfelts

This is a series of many blog posts around the making of some of our favourite Instagram shops. I was lucky enough to speak to Amy Ford, owner of Foxsfelts about her story. 

Hi, tell us a little about yourself and your family…

Hi! I’m Amy Ford owner of Foxsfelts, aged 32, I have two little ones Grayson 4, and Knox 3 months. I’ve been married to Ben for 10 years. 

What inspired you to start your insta shop?

I’ve always been into something creative, when I fell pregnant with Gray I began Fox’s Felts – so we are 4.5 years in the making! I found Instagram in 2015 and now it’s pretty much the only social media that I use! Grayson was my inspiration and I wanted to be able to look after him and not have to do a job I disliked so I started with needle felting mobiles which can still be found on my website today. I am now focusing on teethers – something which I began when I needed to sell smaller items to keep the business ticking over between sales of mobiles and other items. 

We began selling silicone teethers in 2015 they went mad and took over the business somewhat – so now that’s what we are focusing on!

If you had to give one piece of advice to someone thinking of setting up an insta shop / etsy what would it be? 

Advice would be to put a clear business plan together, seek advice when you need it and believe in your yourself!

Who do you feel inspired by on Instagram? 

I’m inspired by many I can’t name just one! 

Tell us a little bit more about where you want foxsfelts to be in 5 years time?

In five years time I’d like to be running a team of five (or more) staff and turning over five times the figures I am today Amy says. 

What’s your favourite insta purchase and why?

Favourite insta purchase this year would have to be a blanket for Knox from Clem at so Satsuma @sosatsuma – they sell Handmade merino wool lusciouness 😍
Thanks to Amy for taking the time to answer our questions and you must head over to their website to see the full range of teethers on offer, we simply adore ours! 

5 things you think about when you’re a new mum on a night out 

You’ve just had baby number 1, you haven’t been out the house in months, when you’re finally let free there’s 5 key things that you may feel ….

1. Mum Guilt

It’s been an eternity since you last went out, you’re finally allowed to roam free and you spend the entire night feeling guilty.

Guilt because you’ve left them at home. Guilty for their dad or career because they’re not used to having them for such a prolonged time and what if baby is a little sod and makes their evening a nightmare?!

Guilty for the 1 alcoholic drink you’re about to consume whilst breastfeeding.

Guilty for feeling happy about going out without them….

2. Mum anxiety 

If the guilt subsides for a moment it only momentarily makes way for anxiety – anxious about what to wear, will that black dress fit?

Will the black dress be too dressy?

Will jeans be too understated? What IS the thing to wear these days?

Anxious about whether baby will behave, anxious about whether hubby will behave!!

Anxious about whether there’s enough milk stocks / food / water for 3 hours whilst you’re out (of course there is!!).

The constant checking of the texts to see if they’ve called ensues – glancing at the notifications to see if you have a message stating “get home now I’ve set the house on fire and the baby is screaming because I spilt all your precious gold (ahem I mean breastmilk) on the floor!” But actually the text just reads “hope you’re having fun, all fine here”

3. The “Why did I wear heels / can I get in my pjs yet?”

You’ve spent weeks dreaming of those heels you’ve bought especially for this night out, the outfit is planned and all ironed and ready to go and you stroll out of the house trying to walk in said shoes and breathing in from the too tight skinny jeans cutting into your mum tum.

It’s 30 minutes into the meal and you’re already daydreaming over your crab fishcake about wearing your elasticated waist cosy pjs and kicking those heels off in favour of a pair of monster feet slippers.

4. “Ooh I’d love a brew right now” 

You go out with the girls – you’re all sipping fancy cocktails, but deep down you’re thinking – “ooh I’d love a brew right now”.

That is all.

5. Fat / Ugly / Tubby / Mumsy 

So you leave the house feeling 1,000,000 dollars – heels are on, actual makeup on and hair is dried and styled (instead of the usual mum bun) then you walk into the restaurant and immediately spy a 20 year old, 6 stone, model walk past and boom! Mumsy, frumpy, low self esteem comes and smacks you clear in the face like a train which screams – ‘no you’re not young, free, single and hot anymore – you’re a married, 30 something mum with size 12 jeans on and a stretch marked jelly belly and you will never look good in a bodycon dress ever again’.

Can you relate to these thoughts? If you have your new mum thoughts then please feel free to comment and share 🙂


Healthy, Tasty & Convienient – Piccolo Pouches Review 

Convienience – it’s all about it these days isn’t it? Especially being a mum. One thing I’ve learnt is that convienience is my friend. 

It’s month 6, I started out very prepared with weaning Nandy, Annabel Karmel book to the ready, I’d puréed broccoli, sweet potatoes and butternut squash within an inch of its life and frozen it into ice cube trays. Now this is where the fun started – whilst smashing frozen food out of ice cube trays one pinged up and smacked me square in the eye – the other flew up into the air and landed behind the freezer! Great! Not a great start!

Then ensued the defrosting element – thus had to be done in a jug if hot water which took hours as microwaving is considered bad due to hotspots in the food! 

You can only imagine that this routine didn’t go on long before I thought sod this for a game of soldiers and started looking to buy food – for convienience. But, what about when convienience doesn’t suit – for example, the worry of wanting the best for your baby and what’s easy for you as a mum!?

The answer – Piccolo food pouches – they are natural and contain foods which even I would normally eat, chickpeas, kale, sweet potatoes …. all those “in” things which a good for us and full of flavour and herbs. 

Plus, they’ve just been made finalists for the 2017 best new brand in the world food innovation awards!!! How amazing is that! They are supported by the NCT too, which always gives you confidence. 

Due to a lack of availability in my local supermarket I ordered a bulk of the pouches on for delivery to the house (even more convienient right!) my weaning journey literally transformed overnight.

Nandy LOVES the chickpea, squash and pepper purée, I mix it with his vegetables, cous cous, pasta, tuna … all manner of stuff!  No more waste, no more defrosting, ease of transportation, fresh and tasty! 

I also mixed the carrot pouch with some mashed potato! 

Homemade mash

I really wanted to try the mango, kale and pear with a hint yoghurt but couldn’t locate it anywhere – so we were kindly sent a few pouches to try from Piccolo directly – they went went down a treat too!

So far the only pouch Nandy is yet to really enjoy is the chicken – it smells divine and just like a chicken roast! Perhaps he is going to be vegetarian – who knows!

Even though we try and follow baby led weaning we can still use the purees mixed with porridge for breakfast or with vegetables for tea! 


Piccolo did not sponsor or endorse this post, all opinions are my own. We were sent a few pouches of food to try for free, but this was not in connection with any advertising. I chose to write about Piccalo of my own accord. 

If you would like to purchase any Piccolo pouches then you can do so from Asda / Waitrose / Ocado supermarkets. 

Kokoso Baby – Natural baby brush review

Nandy has cradle cap – he’s had it since he was very small. It’s an inconvience – it looks ugly and unsightly and I’d do anything to feel his soft and scale free hair and scalp.

It is important to note that Nandy also has eczema which we need specialist prescribed creams for from the GP which limits what we can do with his dry skin / cradle cap treatment and always advisable to seek advice from a health professional if your baby suffers from skin conditions and you’re not sure what to use on their skin. 

We have tried a number of products on his head such as olive oil, dentinox cradle cap shampoo, baby oil, emulsifying ointments and unnatural plastic bristled baby brushes.

Now it can be said honestly that his cradle cap has improved over time with the use of the cradle cap shampoo, and some combing with a plastic comb and brush, but, it’s still there and can occasionally flares up even when we think it’s on the out! Just when I thought that we would be stuck with this issue forever imagine my excitement when this package from @kokoso baby landed!

Their cradle cap brush is made of 100% natural bristles and beechwood and can help with the cradle cap, or so they say….
We set out in testing the theory right away and used the brush to gently exfoliate Nandys scalp only once a day for a few weeks. 

The Result – I can honestly say his cradle cap has almost gone!!! 

Whereas we used to have large sized greasy scales on the top to the front of his head – there are now only the odd signs of tiny white dry flecks which are more like dandruff now rather than scales!

The brush is made so beautifully with it’s beech wood handle so it looks so nice in his nursery too! No more nasty plastic Brushes. 

Kokoso coconut oil and cradle cap brush

You can always finish off after brushing with a nice baby head massage using Kokoso coconut oil. Unfortunately we didn’t do this as we only use the coconut oil on Nandys face to help with any dry patches but it would certainly be acceptable to use on the hair and scalp and may have even helped to clear the cradle cap quicker than just using the brush alone. 

You can purchase the Kokoso cradle cap brush from their website at a great price if only £7.99! 


We were sent the natural baby brush to review and genuinely love it, we were not paid to advertise this product. All opinions and reviews are my own. 

Note **Kokoso always recommend you carry out a patch test first before using the product to be sure your little one doesn’t react. 

KidloLand App Review

We were contacted by the lovely team over at KidloLand and asked to review their app which is suitable for babies and children up to the age of 5. 

Having an active youngster I was eager to download the app right away and start to find out what it was all about and hopefully entertain him.

The app can be downloaded from your mobile App Store either Android or Apple 


Google Play Store:

Amazon Appstore:

After subscribing you get access to content such as nursery rhymes, games and educational tools.

Really intrigued

The app is fun, bright and noisy – perfect for entertaining a interested baby or toddler.

Example of the menu – Bright and colourful

Immediately I downloaded the content for the nursery rhymes section – the downloads are fast but I must admit you do need to take time to download the content in advance so that it is there for when you need it most!

Learn to trace

Ok so let’s start with just a couple of Negatives:-

  • You have to download the content before you can use it.  
  • The singing voices could be better and the song lyrics can sound really made up (to the point that my mum and I were really laughing at some of the lyrics they chose)!  

Now onto the Positives:- 

  • It’s brightly coloured and loud and immediately gets their attention!
  • It’s informative and educational 
  • It’s handy!! – on your phone or tablet so you can transport the entertainment around!
  • It has plenty of options for what to play so your baby won’t get bored easily! Games, music, even Christmas themes – all sorts! 

If you have a tablet device I can imagine this app would be even more handy to have – I was just using my iPhone to play the content to Nandy and found he kept trying to take the phone into his own hands – so I would seriously recommend you download the app onto a device you aren’t bothered about handing over to your kids to get their mucky hands and dribble all over! 

We were sent a free 6 month subscription to this app in exchange for a review. We would not take part in a review if we did not pride ourselves in the fact we give honest feedback. 

We would recommend you download the app if you have time to download the content and you want an educational and fun tool for your little ones! 

More information on the app and the subscription charges can be found by going to the KidloLand Website.


Before I got pregnant I only ever took photos on my iPhone, we owned a DSLR camera, however, it was older than gods dog!! I always knew I wanted to start a Instagram page for Nandy but had no idea what constituted a decent photo. I snapped away happily on my iPhone and posted the photos on his feed. Soon enough I started to see other Instagram accounts sharing their photos which were of significantly greater quality and much better form than mine, which got me thinking, I need to improve my photos!

So, I dusted off the old sony DSLR camera and went to visit Sarah @peagreenboat photography. Sarah has taken some awesome photos of my bump and all of Nandys’ newborn photos, so it made sense to go and get a tutorial from her on the in’s and outs of form, light and how to set the camera up manually instead of “auto” which is cheating! 

Sarahs’ photos have been featured in vogue magazine, she recently worked with Peter Andre and Emily on an advertisement for N Power and her super power abilities to put babies to sleep and recently had “image the day” from the Guild of photographers – not bad ey! 

Baby superpowers with Peter Andre, Emily and Sarah @peagreenboat

So let’s start from then beginning – Lesson 1 – It was a cold December day and the light was poor, we had to make best use of large windows in her studio to allow me to try and capture some snaps. Nandy only lay down at this point and didn’t sit up of his own accord so taking various shots was difficult to achieve. I learnt about how to deal with light and using the camera settings to get the most out of the situation by adjusting F stop, ISO and white balance. 

Merry Christmas – Lesson number 1

Christmas Nandy

Still something wasn’t right, I was having to upload the photos to my iMac from the camera and faff around then emailing them back to myself to upload to Instagram. There must be an easier way!
I reverted back to using my trusty iPhone, it was easier and more convenient. But wasn’t giving results. I started taking photos in the conservatory at home over winter as this was the brightest place in my dark house! Even with natural light flooding in – it still wasn’t enough – that’s when I took the plunge to buy a new DSLR. I read a few reviews and sought some feedback from other mums and it seemed the best choice would be a canon or Nikon.

I decided on the canon – it was relatively cheap for my maternity leave budget and would take crisper photos even with just a kit lens (I’m still to upgrade to the 50mm fixed lens!!!).

Immediately I noticed a difference in my photo quality and it made uploading my pictures to Instagram way easier due to its in built wifi function! 

I’d gotten used to taking indoor photos against a homemade white background but I hadn’t yet explored outdoor photos – I needed more help, so we went back to see Sarah….

Me (taken by Sarah)

Sarah owns a beautiful property in Worcestershire with some beautiful grounds – flowers a plenty and a view to die for. It was the perfect setting for some outdoor photos. The sun shone and the photo opportunities were aplenty! 

I did want my Instagram feed to have an overall “whiter” feel to its appearance so we scouted out places around her grounds which would lend themselves well to the look we were after. We found doorways and flowers all keeping with the white theme.

It was when I passed a beautiful magnolia tree that I couldn’t resist taking some less than “white” photos with his toes in the grass. He was loving the attention and full of smiles and eating everything he shouldn’t. 

Sarah showed me how to meter for the change in sunlight – amending the ISO settings, white balance and adding in a reflector board / shade to keep the sun off his face and create shadow (which caught the wind and smacked poor Nandy in the face).

I struggled with the change from shaded areas to direct sunlight – but with a few tweaks to settings I was back up and snapping away again.

The camera lens does limit my photos and my post production / editing skills need to improve but it won’t happen overnight. My next trick is to buy and then teach myself photoshop so I can make professional edits to my pictures.

So far this is just a hobby and I’m enjoying it. So that’s all that matters really. 

Thanks to Sarah @peagreenboatphoto for her help and support – if you’re interested in having some photos taken of your newborn / baby then contact her below …

The Post Baby ‘Mess’ 

Anyone relate? You’ve just had a little one, there’s stuff everywhere. High chair in the kitchen, food catapaulted all over the walls, toys all over the floor, soggy muslin cloths flung in every room, dirty nappy bin overflowing and washing, washing and more washing piled high, Yesterday’s pants strewn on the bathroom floor and cups of half drunk tea lying around the place like a cup graveyard… yep welcome to my new world of mess. 

Back when I thought ironing muslin cloths was a good idea!

Let’s rewind to my pre-baby life. I was OCD about stuff, things had to have their place. (Now I’m not saying I don’t still have OCD about where things reside but I’d say I’m just a tad more relaxed these days). You see, this is the thing … when the baby comes along all order seems to go out of the window. Doesn’t matter how many “ikea hacks” and baby organisers you deploy; there’s still a massive shift in your lifestyle and it takes time to adapt – or in my case – you don’t. 
Let me see if I can list this out in a simpler way (not because my readers need it simplified but because that’s how my brain currently operates that way now I have a child).


Pre baby thoughts / Post baby thoughts

1. I’m not having plastic toys 

Sod it buy the jumparoo with added flashing tacking plastic keyboard and plastic cow.

2. Everything will have a place 

What do you mean which drawer do muslins go in? They could be anywhere!

3. The lounge will be our adult space 

The Lounge is now full of toys 

Toys in the lounge – standard now

4. Everything will match the decor.

I may consider redecorating the house in primary colours to match his toys.

5. Baby will have to fit into our ways

Let him do what he wants if it stops him screaming.

6. I may need a hobby to keep busy

Hobby? I haven’t been for a wee in 5 hours – I must schedule that in before my bladder implodes.

7. All white and pale colours are nicer I’m not decorating his room yellow!

Sod white and pale colours they shows the mess – where’s that yellow?

8. Our garden is not having a plastic slide and climbing frame

What’s he having for his birthday? A plastic slide and climbing frame for the garden …

9. He’s not having food in the car

Here have this wafer in the car whilst mummy tries to drive in peace. 

10. I won’t have a mucky faced baby 

Fine – if you won’t let me touch your face you can go out with a snotty nose and prune smeared up your cheeks


Can anyone else relate to this? How has having a baby changed your outlook on mess / home life?