Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast 

Nandy may only be 9 months old but we love to get out and about and explore – we shouldn’t be afraid of letting him explore his surroundings through fear of the odd cut or scrape!

We were kindly sent some Elastoplast children’s plasters to use if (and when!) Nandy has any little “boo boo’s” or “mishaps” or “scrapes” – however you want to name those minor accidents that can occur at any time with little ones who are on the move or being adventurous!

We love to get out and about and take photos in the most unusal of places, any slip or fall could result in some tears!

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Bathtime toys with Nuby

We have very luckily received some lovely  treats from Nuby for Nandy to play with in the bath!

Because he has eczema and the majority of it is on his stomach we find bathtime rather stressful as we often have to try and distract him so that we can stop him from scratching at his tummy.

So these toys were a welcome treat which could be used both in and out of the Bath! We tested them out in the bath last night now Nandy is sitting up more he was reaching out for them and kicking his legs having a good time!


Such vivid colour 😎


The yellow submarine fish is his favourite, he kept laughing at it


Cups are easy to store when not in use (if you have OCD like me)


Brightly coloured stacking cups have holes in the base so you can fill with water and make rain showers

I have refrained from posting the bathtime photos for now – but you can see that he had fun with the toys even out of the bath!!!

He kept pulling on the submarine fish and chuckling and squealing loudly! He particularly likes this one!

If you are a bit oCD like me then the stacking cups are perfect as they store easily and dont take up much room in the bathroom. They make plenty of noise and the bright colours really kept Nandy entertained! Yay!

For anyone looking for bathtime / toys in general then I cant recommend Nuby highly enough!

Purchase Stacking cups here!

Purchase bathime Submarine here!

Note: – I hope you found this article informative, Nuby sent us these toys to review and I would not geniunely post any positive reviews unless I truly believed in the product shown. All opinions are my own,