Tears into Smiles with Elastoplast 

Nandy may only be 9 months old but we love to get out and about and explore – we shouldn’t be afraid of letting him explore his surroundings through fear of the odd cut or scrape!

We were kindly sent some Elastoplast children’s plasters to use if (and when!) Nandy has any little “boo boo’s” or “mishaps” or “scrapes” – however you want to name those minor accidents that can occur at any time with little ones who are on the move or being adventurous!

We love to get out and about and take photos in the most unusal of places, any slip or fall could result in some tears!

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5 things you think about when you’re a new mum on a night out 

You’ve just had baby number 1, you haven’t been out the house in months, when you’re finally let free there’s 5 key things that you may feel ….

1. Mum Guilt

It’s been an eternity since you last went out, you’re finally allowed to roam free and you spend the entire night feeling guilty.

Guilt because you’ve left them at home. Guilty for their dad or career because they’re not used to having them for such a prolonged time and what if baby is a little sod and makes their evening a nightmare?!

Guilty for the 1 alcoholic drink you’re about to consume whilst breastfeeding.

Guilty for feeling happy about going out without them….

2. Mum anxiety 

If the guilt subsides for a moment it only momentarily makes way for anxiety – anxious about what to wear, will that black dress fit?

Will the black dress be too dressy?

Will jeans be too understated? What IS the thing to wear these days?

Anxious about whether baby will behave, anxious about whether hubby will behave!!

Anxious about whether there’s enough milk stocks / food / water for 3 hours whilst you’re out (of course there is!!).

The constant checking of the texts to see if they’ve called ensues – glancing at the notifications to see if you have a message stating “get home now I’ve set the house on fire and the baby is screaming because I spilt all your precious gold (ahem I mean breastmilk) on the floor!” But actually the text just reads “hope you’re having fun, all fine here”

3. The “Why did I wear heels / can I get in my pjs yet?”

You’ve spent weeks dreaming of those heels you’ve bought especially for this night out, the outfit is planned and all ironed and ready to go and you stroll out of the house trying to walk in said shoes and breathing in from the too tight skinny jeans cutting into your mum tum.

It’s 30 minutes into the meal and you’re already daydreaming over your crab fishcake about wearing your elasticated waist cosy pjs and kicking those heels off in favour of a pair of monster feet slippers.

4. “Ooh I’d love a brew right now” 

You go out with the girls – you’re all sipping fancy cocktails, but deep down you’re thinking – “ooh I’d love a brew right now”.

That is all.

5. Fat / Ugly / Tubby / Mumsy 

So you leave the house feeling 1,000,000 dollars – heels are on, actual makeup on and hair is dried and styled (instead of the usual mum bun) then you walk into the restaurant and immediately spy a 20 year old, 6 stone, model walk past and boom! Mumsy, frumpy, low self esteem comes and smacks you clear in the face like a train which screams – ‘no you’re not young, free, single and hot anymore – you’re a married, 30 something mum with size 12 jeans on and a stretch marked jelly belly and you will never look good in a bodycon dress ever again’.

Can you relate to these thoughts? If you have your new mum thoughts then please feel free to comment and share 🙂


Kokoso Baby – Natural baby brush review

Nandy has cradle cap – he’s had it since he was very small. It’s an inconvience – it looks ugly and unsightly and I’d do anything to feel his soft and scale free hair and scalp.

It is important to note that Nandy also has eczema which we need specialist prescribed creams for from the GP which limits what we can do with his dry skin / cradle cap treatment and always advisable to seek advice from a health professional if your baby suffers from skin conditions and you’re not sure what to use on their skin. 

We have tried a number of products on his head such as olive oil, dentinox cradle cap shampoo, baby oil, emulsifying ointments and unnatural plastic bristled baby brushes.

Now it can be said honestly that his cradle cap has improved over time with the use of the cradle cap shampoo, and some combing with a plastic comb and brush, but, it’s still there and can occasionally flares up even when we think it’s on the out! Just when I thought that we would be stuck with this issue forever imagine my excitement when this package from @kokoso baby landed!

Their cradle cap brush is made of 100% natural bristles and beechwood and can help with the cradle cap, or so they say….
We set out in testing the theory right away and used the brush to gently exfoliate Nandys scalp only once a day for a few weeks. 

The Result – I can honestly say his cradle cap has almost gone!!! 

Whereas we used to have large sized greasy scales on the top to the front of his head – there are now only the odd signs of tiny white dry flecks which are more like dandruff now rather than scales!

The brush is made so beautifully with it’s beech wood handle so it looks so nice in his nursery too! No more nasty plastic Brushes. 

Kokoso coconut oil and cradle cap brush

You can always finish off after brushing with a nice baby head massage using Kokoso coconut oil. Unfortunately we didn’t do this as we only use the coconut oil on Nandys face to help with any dry patches but it would certainly be acceptable to use on the hair and scalp and may have even helped to clear the cradle cap quicker than just using the brush alone. 

You can purchase the Kokoso cradle cap brush from their website at a great price if only £7.99! 


We were sent the natural baby brush to review and genuinely love it, we were not paid to advertise this product. All opinions and reviews are my own. 

Note **Kokoso always recommend you carry out a patch test first before using the product to be sure your little one doesn’t react. 

6 Spring essentials for a stylish Mum


I do like to dress well but since having Nandy I’ve found my shape has changed, I don’t feel the same towards fashion as I once did and I feel unbalanced tottering around in my heels these days. But that doesnt mean we have to dress frumpy or lose our sense of style right?

I’ve therefore decided to write up a blog post about 6 stylish items which I love and which I feel are those must have items for stylish spring wardrobe and dressing table!

1. Jo Malone perfume – I adore Jo Malone products, I have various things such as bath oils and colognes but my must have favourite is one which hubby bought me for christmas – their honey blossom scent is just so sweet and girly!

2. DKNY Blush bag – I recently treated myslef to this goregous blush handbag from DKNY. It goes with everything and is perfect for nights out with friends where you wanr ro dress up and feel glam

3. Cluse Watch – Im in love with anything marble at the moment and I own a cluse watch already, so why not combine the two!? This watch is just sooo pretty!


4. Suede Biker Jackets – The one shown is from river island but you can get these from anywhere at the moment, I have two one from new look and one from missguided. They are perfect for where you get a bit chilly and need to throw something over a grey t-shirt

5. Jimmy Choo trainers – Im totally in love with these rose gold trainers from Jimmy Choo, I know they are extravagant but they are also awesome. Nuff said.

6. Tom Ford eye pallete – I had this as a gift too, its well worth the money, the colours in the pallette are super shimmery and cute. The perfect everyday spring colours.


The views above are entirely my owna nd I have not been sponsored or endorsed to promote these products.

So what are your go to items of clothing? Do you have any favourites? Leave me a comment because I’d love to get inspired!

A Lonely Motherhood

Lonliness – what is the definition? Being Alone doesn’t necessarily mean you are physically alone and without a network. You may read a lot about Post Natal Depression but how often do you read about parents who are lonely?

I decided to write this post following a trip into my local town (by myself I hasten to add) and as I wandered around Tesco for the 2nd time this week and muttered to Nandy about what should we have for tea – not that he could reply – I’m just talking to myself again!

It’s a strange thing, I have many, many friends and acquaintances – I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a network of mums through NCT and baby groups, we talk all the time, I get messages from friends and I go to regular baby groups three times a week – so why do I feel lonely I hear you ask?

Well, it’s the absence of adult conversation, it’s the absence of people that understand. My child free friends don’t understand the daily struggle of dealing with an active grumpy 8 month old who wants you to pick up the toy he has thrown on the floor for the 10th time, the endless hours spent feeding and changing nappies, applying eczema cream whilst singing “old macdonald” to him over and over again.

I’m fortunate I have a the option to see my friends a few times a week but it’s left me wondering about those mums without that luxury? Those who feel too nervous and shy to talk to that other mum in the corner at baby group. I’ve noticed over the past 8 months that alot of mums go to the groups with their own mum, it sad isnt it that we feel too scared to go alone through fear of not having anyone to talk to.

It’s not just the physcial lonliness, its the menal lonliness, those times you stare at the inside of a nappy wondering if ‘its normal’ or looking at their habits and behaviours and wondering if you are doing the right thing but you’re not sure who you can confide in.


My best friend and I

I pick up the phone and call hubby for the 5th time in the day ‘just to tell him that Nandy just smiled’, forgetting that he is actually busy at work and doesnt have time to keep taking my calls about nothing which cant wait til he gets home.

The clock strikes 5pm and I find myself staring at it and thinking ‘yay, daddy will be home soon’ – Im sure I cannot be the only one who feels this way.

All I would say is that Im extremely grateful for those mummy friends which I do have as without them things would be much harder.

Plus Im loving every minute of being a mum, I dont particularly want to go back to work either, but I think I will feel grateful for some me time once more.

So all I ask is, next time you are out and about and you see that mum looking lost in the corner, take 5 minutes out from your conversation with your friends to integrate her and ask her name, it might just make her day!

Have you experienced issues with lonliness in motherhood, leave me a comment.

Kiddylicious Snack Review

When Tesco Mother and Baby contacted us and asked us to review a range of the Kiddylicious snacks we just couldn’t refuse!

We were sent the “Ha Pea snaps”, Wafers and Fruit Puffs to try.

We had previously purchased the wafers for Nandy and can safely say they were already a massive hit with us. We hadn’t, however, tested the fruit puffs or ha pea snaps before!


I tried Nandy on the strawberry and banana flavoured puffs first – I used his Nuby non slip plate in order to hold the two types and prevent them from going all over the floor!


Within a matter of minutes he was wildly stuffing multiple snacks into his mouth… I always said I didnt want Nandy to have any treats or snack food, but when you see how much they enjoy it, you cant help but allow it.


These snacks are perfect for when you are on the go and need to keep them quiet for a few minutes! We went for a walk at the park and I took a bag out with me, they are truly epic.

Since posting the update on instagram Ive had alot of fellow mums comment about how much they love these snacks for their little ones too, perhaps even enjoying some for themselves cheekily!

If you intend to do baby led weaning or puree the food these are still perfect because they appear to melt when they are soggy! I didnt worry about any choking hazards (he still has no teeth!).

Do you have any ‘go to’ snacks? If so, let me know about them by leaving me a comment below!

Our “could not live without” must buys!

I don’t know about anyone else but when I discovered I was pregnant I bought the whole of the baby ailse out of excitement! I had every product going as well as a selection of other bits which it transpires I didn’t even NEED!

So after spending a day cleaning out Nandys room I decided to write a little post of those “must have” buys for life with a baby.

Now everyone has their own preferences so I must stress is important you find what works for you and your baby. Most people know that Nandy suffers from eczema so we are very limited on the products which we can use on his skin.

Below are some of the must have items which I could not have lived without these past 7 months


1. Lanisoh Breast pads / nipple cream and breast milk bags – Because I breastfeed I couldn’t live without these products in the early days especially.

2. Kokoso baby – coconut oil – perfect for his face as it gets so dry!

3. Vaseline – we have been using this recently to target dry skin and rash around his mouth from teething and its worked wonders!

4. Sudocream – This is our go to nappy rash cream, Nandy doesn’t really suffer from nappy rash, but when he gets sore I just slather some of this on and its gone within hours!

5. Snufflebabe products – Nandy has always been rather snuffly so these nasal drops and sprays have been a godsend as we were able to use them from an early age. We have recently started to use the rub on his baby grow to help him breathe easier at night.

6. Waterwipes – With Nandy having eczema we have to be careful about what we put on his skin and I’m so glad we always used these wipes from when he was born, they are so natural and just fantastic and don’t have perfumed nasty smell.

7. Aldi Mamia nappy bags – we used to have the nappy disposal system but the cartridges were expensive to replace so we switched to nappy bags, the Aldi ones are cheap and so effective!!

8. Dentinox products – we absolutely swear by dentinox cradle cap shampoo and its been a lifesaver for his head, for some reason I can’t seem to buy it anywhere now! Dentinox teething gel is also the best we’ve found, weve tried a number of teething gels but this one seems to work the best.


I would seriously recommend you do what is right for you and your baby and it takes time to find those perfect products, but you will.

I’d love to hear about your ideal products, so leave us a comment!





Mum / Wife / Dogsbody

Yesterday – it was an uber productive day!! Mum came over to watch Nandy so I could get stuff done – I started with the cooker – the gas rings on the rangemaster had turned from shiny silver to grease stained brown, I scrubbed it until it gleaned once more!!

Next on the hit list was the stack of leaves outside – I swept them all up and binned them = happy me.

I then proceeded to make beds / Hoover / put clean washing away / tidy / clean toilets and wash up (after 3 baby led weaning meal times had destroyed my kitchen).

Next on the to do list was to take Nandy to see the doctor about his eczema – I went through the upset of being told his skin is infected and we needed yet more creams, so off I went to collect another prescription from the pharmacy.

Did I mention I hadn’t even found the time to pee at this point?

I even cooked hubby his favourite a Moroccan steak for tea, he walks through the door to a spotless house a happy baby and his dinner cooking … I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, cue hubby tutting and huffing at the fact that I had failed to empty the nappy bin is what went wrong!


The offensive nappy bin and pile of washing

It was like he had flicked a “crazy” button on the side of my head and I just went into meltdown. A huge row ensued and both of us didn’t speak a word to each other for the rest of the evening!

My point of view :- why do they always pick fault with the one thing you haven’t done rather than focus on the 15 you have done that day?

I scrubbed the gas rings on the cooker and he picks fault at a nappy bin???

Somedays we just want to be told how amazing we are and that we have super powers and we are perfect don’t we??


Anyone else feel like a general dogsbody / mum / wife / knackered person? 

5 tips for Travelling light with a baby

Before I gave birth to Nandy I purchased a lovely baby bag from baby beau from very. I chose this bag because I felt it wasnt overly girly and therefore my husband could use it too without being embarrased by some of the pretty coloured ones you can buy!

When the bag arrived I soon realised why it was the perfect choice, inside the main bag was a small bag with lots of compartments and a fold out changing mat. This changing mat has literally transformed the way in which I travel with a baby!

The main bag stays in the boot of the car – including a change of clothing for any bum explosions or sick moments. Leaving me with only his nappy clutch in the base of the pram.

Now, I hasten to add that I am able to travel light because I breastfeed so there are no bottles to transport and also we are only just weaning so we also dont need bibs and food!

My husband is also a great believer that mums carry far too much ‘stuff’ to put it politely. He is quite a hands-on dad and when he attends baby groups he is simply astonished by all the mums who must be riddled with back problems!

Most carry their baby in the car seat with a baby bag (ram packed with stuff) ont heir one shoulder and a handbag on the other and its simply not necessary!

Below are my top tips on how to travel light with a small baby:

  1. Invest in a nappy clutch / nappy roll like this one:

Nappy clutch from http://www.loveroo.co.uk

These clutches are simply wonderful, not only are you helping to support small business by purchasing handmade but you are also getting a high quality item which has been carefully considered to suit mums needs. I

…..and a nappy roll / travel clutch like this one.


Baby beau travel clutch


Lets take a peak inside my nappy clutches…


Clutch customised from Love Roo – includes a whole pack of wipes, 2 nappies, 2 nappy bags, a teether, a tude of sudocream and dentinox and a change of top


My husband uses this nappy roll from baby beau, it has a tear away changing mat and pockets for nappies and wipes.

2. Purchase smaller sized / travel creams

Sudocream do a small sixe nappy cream in a tube which is perfect for transporting arounf (rather than using the big grey tub!) I can fit 2-3 pampers nappies size 4 in my clutch, including a pack of wet wipes, nappy bags and a muslin cloth (for any accidents).

3. Dont go out with things which are not necessary!

Why take the whole pack of nappy bags out with you when you can literally pull out one or two bags and take those? The handy clear pockets in the baby beau changing mat help me to keep these safe.

Pack only a few nappies in the nappy clutch and then eave some more in the main bag in the car for emergencies.

Do you really need 4 toys when they only use 1 at a time? Consider packing more discreet teethers like this one from foxsfelts.

Do you need 3 muslin cloths and 4 bibs? Again keep purely the essentials in the nappy clutch and then carry the rest in the main bag.

4. Have a normal handbag

I cant stress enough how much having a normal hangbag has transformed my life! I hear mums say how much they miss having a normal handbag! well have one then! I carry a modalu england designer handbag around with me and the nappy clutch inside. It makes me feel less mumsy and more like me!

5.Breastfeed (if possible).

I understand that not all of us want or choose to breastfeed our babies, but I dont think I could have bottlefed, its so much work, cleaning bottles, being organised and carrying the formula around – I actually take my hat off to bottlefeeding mummies as its actually harder!! I can be so lazy with breastfeeding, it enbales me to feed wherever and whenever I want with no prep and no mess.

Hope you’ve found this post informative, I’d appreciate any polite comments on how you find it best to travel with your little one.